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With its durability and comfort, Cottonelle® is a suitable option for multiple locations. Bulk Cottonelle toilet paper packages offer an easy way to stock up. There are 1-ply and 2-ply bulk Cottonelle toilet paper options. Choices range from individually-wrapped rolls to Cottonelle 36 family rolls packages.

Textured and smooth bulk Cottonelle toilet paper options

The variety of bulk Cottonelle toilet paper options available allows users to find the ideal balance of value, comfort, and durability. Those looking for maximum cleanliness and hygiene from their toilet tissue can try paper with the CleaningRipples™ texture. This paper is more absorbent, stronger, and thicker than standard toilet paper options. The rippled texture absorbs more for improved hygiene, helping people use less and get more from each roll. Much like Angel Soft® toilet paper and other options, Cottonelle is available in 1-ply and 2-ply models.

Bulk Cottonelle toilet paper ordering options

Since there are roll counts and thicknesses to accommodate homes and businesses of all sizes, it’s easy to find a toilet paper package that suits your specific needs. Options include:

  • Cottonelle 36 family rolls package
  • Package with 48 rolls
  • 60-roll package
  • Cottonelle 24 double rolls package
  • Bundle with 18 rolls
  • Package including 20 rolls

Package sizes available with Cottonelle are comparable to those offered by Tork® toilet paper.

Cottonelle toilet paper for commercial settings

In commercial settings, larger rolls and packages with more rolls offer convenience, and require less frequent refills. Some bulk Cottonelle toilet paper comes in a coreless design. This has less empty space at the center of the roll, so each one includes more sheets. These accommodate a range of coreless roll holders that are used in commercial and office bathrooms. Many Cottonelle professional solutions also have more sheets in each roll. Commercial rolls have between 450 and 800 sheets each, compared to residential rolls that have up to 340 sheets each. Individually wrapped rolls are also essential in commercial settings. This design feature prevents paper from being exposed to germs or cleaning solutions while in storage.


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