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Business card paper makes it easy for companies to create new promotional material without going through a third party printing company. Use blank business cards to make only as many cards as needed. When something in the business changes, make new cards at any time. Choose from different types of printable business cards for the perfect look.

Business card paper design

While there are various types of printable business cards, the general design remains the same. Each 8-1/2-inch by 11-inch page has 10 pre-measured squares with perforated edges. The squares are the traditional business card size of 3-1/2 inches by 2 inches. Users print the design on each square and then snap off the completed business card for a clean edge. The pages fit in either inkjet or laser printers, so always check the label before purchasing. Each page is usually made of thick cardstock in weights between 90- to 120-pound. To make things even easier, some products, such as Avery business card paper, include software and templates with designs. The result is a professional looking business card made at home or in the office that will fit in any business card holder.

Business card paper types

The majority of products are blank business card stock with different finishes. Matte means the card has a dull, flat finish that doesn’t glare in the light. It creates an elegant card. Glossy is shiny and makes cards with colorful pictures stand out. Textured options, like linen, feel soft to the touch. Some products have images pre-printed on them to make designing even easier. Images might include clouds, flags, or simple borders. Users only need to add company information.

Unique blank business cards

Businesses that want to create custom office supplies different from the norm will still find it easy to do with business card paper. Try magnet paper with pre-cut business cards that attach to metal surfaces. Or print the design on stickers already cut to size, so potential customers can place them on computers, books, or bags.

Business card paper brands

Quill has many different brands of printable business cards to choose from. Popular companies include:

  • Avery®
  • Blanks/USA®
  • JAM Paper®
  • Great Papers®
  • Maco®
  • Staples®

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