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For a quick pick-me-up at work or at home, stock cabinets with energy-boosting Cafe Escapes® K-Cups®. Cafe Escapes chai latte bulk packs include up to 96 tea pods for ultimate refreshment while working or studying. Get all your work done with Cafe Escapes chai latte packs, which offer convenient single-cup servings.

Cafe Escapes K-Cups for break rooms and dining areas

Get a quick boost of energy with delicious Cafe Escapes K-Cups. Keurig® machines and many other single-serve coffee maker brands are compatible with these K-Cups, so different businesses can order supplies of the coffee pods for upcoming events or general use. Other types of beverage packs from the brand include Cafe Escapes chai latte bulk packages, which also include decaf options for children and adults who prefer to avoid caffeine. A wide range of Cafe Escapes flavors like mocha, vanilla, and chocolate accommodate coffee lovers of all types. Having different beverage types at their disposal gives employees and prospective clients a wider choice to find the ideal alternative.

Features of Cafe Escapes K-Cups

Order either 24 or 96-pack K-Cups of coffee and tea pods to fit company needs or a personal home budget. Condiments like coffee creamer and milk add another dimension to the flavor of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, so employees can enjoy their breaks. Each pack contains a single serving for instant access, so individuals don’t have to make a pot for the entire staff every time. Other details of Cafe Escapes K-Cups include:

  • Smooth texture for true coffee and tea enthusiasts
  • Fresh hot cup with every pack instead of having cold brew
  • Gluten-free options

Aromatic herbs in Cafe Escapes chai latte and Arabica coffee beans

With naturally grown Arabica seeds, Cafe Escapes K-Cups deliver a subtly acidic flavor with instantly recognizable qualities like sweetness and a natural texture. Coffee from Arabica seeds tastes best steaming hot, which is why it’s even more convenient to use single-serving packs to experience the full aroma. Tea packs, such as the chai latte flavored ones, also include caffeine, so users who don’t prefer the coffee or chocolate taste can opt for the refreshing herbal brew. Since tea usually isn’t sweet on its own, individuals can use sugar packets to find that sweet mixture of culinary elements.


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