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Clever Office Designs for Small Spaces

Coworkers collaboaring with each other in a contemporary office environment

Not all businesses have the luxury of sprawling floor plans and wide-open collaborative workspaces, but there are all sorts of clever ways to maximize the space you do have. In fact, there's a readymade solution for virtually every kind of space limitation in small offices. Here are some of the most popular small office space ideas to help solve the problem of tiny workspaces everywhere.

How can you make better use of all those corners?

Right angles are everywhere in office environments—in corners, between cubicles, beside file cabinets. Fortunately, these areas don't have to be left barren. Instead, you can take a modular approach by adding corner desks to your collection of work surfaces. These space-saving solutions come in all different configurations, including L-shaped—like this versatile L-Workstation by HON—bar height, and laptop table.

Hands browsing files in cabinet

But resist the temptation to place a corner desk in every available space. Your limited square footage comes at a premium, so it pays to think carefully about the kind of furniture needed. Does your team really need another work surface in that empty corner, or would they be better served by an additional storage unit, such as a lateral file cabinet?

Choose an alternative to conventional seating

Okay, so the jury is out on the benefits of spending your work day sitting on a ball chair, like this Safco® Zenergy version, instead of a conventional desk chair, but one thing is for sure: this kind of seating makes perfect sense for small office spaces. Why? Because they can be lifted easily, tucked completely out of sight when not in use, and literally rolled from one workspace to the next as needed. It really is as simple as that. Make sure to check in with employees and see what's important to them in an office chair. Ball chairs aren't for everyone, but many swear by them for their added fitness benefits and improving posture.

Coworkers enjoying break in a colorful leisure space

Make the most of your shared spaces, too

Of course, it's not just work surfaces and desk chairs that eat up floor space. Consider how much room is occupied by reception desks, guest seating, and other office furniture that isn't primarily used for work.

Use your space wisely with compact furniture that can accommodate more than one person, like chairs from the Dakota Wave by Wooden Mallet® series. Since reception room seating isn't meant to be used for long periods of time, a high quality bench might also fit in with your décor. Opt for a smaller reception desk—that way there will be less opportunity for clutter to build and take up space.

One popular small office space idea is to hang a mirror on one wall. With a variety of styles and sizes available, a mirror can fit into almost any design aesthetic and it will make your small space seem larger.

Unless your business is set to move to a new office, you have to work with what you've got. But a small space doesn't mean you have to limit yourself—it just means you have to make smarter furnishing decisions to keep your people healthy, happy, and productive.