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Coated Flap Wheel Abrasives  (3 Products)
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Flap wheel abrasives consist of a series of flexible, aluminum-oxide tabs fastened in a circular row to an inner core. The coated abrasive flap wheels and brushes insert onto angle or die grinders for blending and polishing metalwork during the finishing stage. Abrasive wheels with flaps come in different diameters and abrasive grits for specific metal-finishing steps. Read More
CGW Abrasives® Flap Wheels, 80 Grit, 1-1/2 x 1 x 1/4

CGW Abrasives® Flap Wheels, 80 Grit, 1-1/2" x 1" x 1/4"

Grit/Grade: 80 (fine)
Diameter: 1 1/2-inch
Thickness: 1-inch
$66.99 Each
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Item # 901-705049ORS
Model # 421-39922
Weiler® Tiger® Mounted Flap Wheels, 80 Grit, 1 Diameter

Weiler® Tiger® Mounted Flap Wheels, 80 Grit, 1" Diameter

Grit/Grade: 80 (fine)
Diameter: 1-inch
Thickness: 1-inch
$8.29 Each
Item # 901-709623ORS
Model # 804-52004
Weiler® Tiger® Mounted Flap Wheels, 60 Grit, 1 Diameter

Weiler® Tiger® Mounted Flap Wheels, 60 Grit, 1" Diameter

Grit/Grade: 60 (medium)
Diameter: 1-inch
Thickness: 1-inch
$5.79 Each
Item # 901-709605ORS
Model # 804-52003
Want to know more about Coated Flap Wheel Abrasives

Flap wheels for smooth grinds

Flap wheels abrasives differ from flap grinding disks in how the tabs, or flaps, are arrayed around the core. Tabs on flap disks are flat and diagonal to the core in an overlapping pattern. Rectangular tabs on flat wheels are perpendicular to the core. The abrasive on the flaps consists of aluminum oxide, or alumna, bonded to the entire surface with rubber or resin, minimizing vibration during the grinding process.

Rubber bonded abrasive wheels with flaps offer a unique grinding method among the many abrasives and brushes. Rather than grinding flat with an abrasive field, the top edges and corners of the flaps are used as the abrasive surface as the tabs revolve with the core. The configuration lets users work on pieces using side-to-side, back-and forth, up-and-down, and angled movements without leaving behind spiral marks. The wheels are used on angle grinders, but can also work with die grinders and drills. Mounted flat wheels are useful for working on circular material like pipes, 90-degree pieces like L-bar, contoured pieces with channels, and the inside edges of cutouts.

Bonded abrasive flat wheels in versatile grits

Flap wheels come in abrasive coarseness suitable for all stages of metalwork finishing. Some of the most common are 60-grit course for removing rough material like welds, 80-grit medium for blending metalwork to an even consistency, and 100- and 120-grit fine for polishing. The wheels also make fine tools for MRO supplies, particularly for maintenance and repairs like scale or rust removal on outdoor metalwork at facilities and institutions. Flap-wheel abrasives are suitable for the following material besides ferrous metal:

  • Iron, brass, and aluminum
  • Plastic and fiberglass
  • Wood and glass

When used with fine-grit abrasives, the tools are also ideal for removing caked-on dirt from material before scouring or washing with different cleaning tools.

Diameters and flap-lengths for specific needs

Most wheels come with 1/4-inch stems to fit standard-size angle and die grinders.  They come in several dimensions, measured by the diameter of the wheel, including its core, and the length of the flap. They’re available in sizes ranging from 3/4 x 3/4 inch to 3 by 1 inches, for intricate or area work.

Check out for abrasive flap wheels from manufacturers like Weiler® and CGW® and see why professional metalworkers insist on having them as part of their finishing tools.