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Your computer desk is the heart of your office, both aesthetically and practically. It's where you're going to spend most of your days, and it should be comfortable and inspiring. At Quill we offer an extensive selection of computer desks, with more than 1,400 different styles available, making it easy for you to find a desk that fits your office and your budget.

A smart investment in productivity

When you're creating—or re-envisioning—your office, the most important factor is your computer desk. Your desk serves not only as your primary work space, but also as the focal point for your office aesthetic. This makes choosing a desk one of the most important (and perhaps even agonizing!) decisions you'll make when setting up your office.

At Quill, we're determined to make that decision easier by providing the highest quality desks around, at every price point and in every style, including a collection of standing desks.

Ergonomic solutions just for you

Your first thought when you hear the word "ergonomics" might be about office chairs, and there's no doubt your chair is incredibly important, but your desk also has a massive impact on ergonomics. Using a desk that's too tall for you necessitates a footrest, and a desk too short forces you to sit far away and lean forward to use your computer.

Before you even think about purchasing a desk, measure the height of your chair (configured at the level you prefer). Make sure to include the armrests. You need to know this number so you can figure out whether or not your chair can comfortably roll under the desk you're considering.

When you start searching for a desk, pay careful attention to the height. Most desks are around 30" tall, which is suitable for the average person but not for everyone. Ideally, you should try a desk out in person. If you're planning to buy online, you may still be able to check out the desk at a physical store (and save a bundle by ordering from home instead). When sitting at your desk your feet should rest flat on the floor and your arms should naturally form a 90-degree angle to type.

Some desks do offer adjustable height, although this is usually so you can transform it into a standing desk rather than a tool for ergonomics. If you need to make a small adjustment, you may not be able to.

The other big ergonomic concern is depth. Your monitor should be about an arm's length away from you during most of your working hours, so if your desk is too deep you'll end up with wasted space behind the monitor. A narrow, shallow desk is usually preferable.

Choose the right furniture provider

At Quill we believe that part of your job is 100% ours, and that part should be as streamlined as possible so you can focus on your true work. To achieve this, we've partnered with hundreds of the world's top brands and manufacturers, ensuring that we provide the highest quality items at every possible price point.

We understand that shipping can be one of the most frustrating aspects of ordering furniture—shipping charges can sometimes cost even more than the furniture itself—so we offer FREE shipping on all orders over $45. Some of our high-end items also come with a carry in and set up service.

Last but not least, we understand that you can't really know how a piece of furniture will work for you before you try it, and even the highest quality desk won't work for everyone. We offer a flexible return policy on all of our furniture, including a streamlined online return process to make your life easier. If you've ordered online, you won't even need your order/invoice number!