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Computer Monitors Provide Vivid Images for Easy Viewing

Staring at computer monitors most of the day is an unavoidable part of many office jobs. In fact, you and your team probably look at your monitors more than you look at each other, so you need vibrant screens that are simple to read and easy on the eyes. High-quality monitors provide crisp text and vivid images that make it easier for you to focus. This lets you concentrate your energy on serving your clients and building your business.

Choose a Size That Maximizes Productivity and Stays Within Budget

The one-size-fits-all designation is fine for some types of clothing, but it certainly doesn’t work when you’re assembling comfortable workstations for a variety of employees. For a customer-service associate working in a small cubicle, a 20-inch monitor is a cost-effective option that fits in a tight space and provides plenty of room for viewing account information and caller notes. However, if you’re drafting a spreadsheet, writing a quarterly report and updating the company website all at the same time, a larger screen lets you keep several tabs open at once so that you never lose your place. Quill’s extensive selection of computer monitors lets you choose a good fit for every employee without going over budget, and a variety of inputs ensures that these screens work with your existing computers for fast installation.

Updated Screens Render True Colors for Accurate Documents

Whether you’re designing new marketing materials or a report to entice a new client, you work hard to select colors that reflect your company’s image. If you’re using an older monitor, sometimes the colors aren’t true, which means the printed materials don’t match what you see on screen, costing you time and money. Avoid this disappointment by selecting new computer monitors that render colors just the way you envision them, keeping your logos consistent and reinforcing your brand.

Reduce Eye Strain and Fatigue With High-Resolution Monitors

Looking at blurry text and fuzzy images strains your eyes and gives you tension headaches, making it hard to do your best work. Quill offers a range of high-resolution computer monitors that make images appear as realistic as they do in person, so you can stop squinting and stay comfortable throughout your work day.

Fast Keystroke Response Times Keep Up With Your Busy Office

When you have a customer on the phone, you have to answer questions quickly, and you don’t want your computer to slow you down. These computer monitors measure response time in milliseconds, which means that your screen displays information almost as fast as you can type. Because your monitor keeps pace with you, it’s easy to locate a file quickly or take accurate notes during a rapid brainstorming session where the ideas are flowing.