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Computer speaker bars offer a simple way to upgrade a monitor with an excellent audio unit. Various computer speaker soundbars feature volume adjustments, connectivity via USB and HDMI ports, and LED technology on select soundbars. Wireless speaker bars are ideal for people on the go, offering waterproof features and easy-to-move designs.

Computer speaker bars with deep and clear sound

Experience high-fidelity sound while watching a movie or listening to music with computer speaker soundbars from Quill. Brands like HP®, Cyber Acoustics, and Connectland offer soundbars with sleek designs, LED technology, and impressive audio performance with high, mid-range, and low sounds. Some soundbars are suitable for outdoors as well as indoors; connect them to a laptop or computer to liven up the party. Many versatile computer speakers and docks are also compatible with other electronic devices like smartphones, TV monitors, and tablets. With special clips on select models, it’s easy to attach them to a monitor for convenience. 

Specifications of computer speaker soundbars

Choose from wired or wireless speaker bars; certain portable speakers, docks, and radios can accommodate a mobile lifestyle with a convenient size for traveling, and waterproof features. Some soundbars are compatible with HD and 4K TV sets, creating an immersive audio experience while watching a show. Connectivity options include USB ports and stereo jacks so users can connect to a range of devices at home or on the go. Some speaker bars are wall-mountable, making it easy to set up a home theater audio system for movie marathons. Other details of computer sound bars include:

  • Voice control on select soundbars
  • Wide frequency response
  • Multi-speaker models
  • Bluetooth® technology

USB speaker bars for various uses

The width of soundbars for computers, TV, and laptops varies from model to model. Consider a wider speaker for large screens to match the stereo image with the screen size. In case the screen is smaller, a soundbar doesn’t have to be any wider than the display monitor to create a solid sound. The number of speakers affects the performance as well; opt for multi-speaker soundbars to enjoy multi-layer audio with sound depth perception. Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth connectivity enables multi-room speaker control via a laptop, smartphone, or another device.

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