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Want to know more about Desktop & All-in-One Computers
All-in-one desktop computers combine sleek looks with enough computing power to fulfill both home and office demands. Desktop computers have stood the test of time and they come in options that can do anything from gaming to handling simple processes like browsing or reading. All-in-one touch-screen computers offer a simple, intuitive user interface for convenient operation.

All-in-one desktop computers for looks and storage capacity

Desktop computers come in various memory capacities and screen sizes. The minimalist set up of these computers means they occupy little space and look sleek. Opt for them to project a savvy office image.

When choosing computers, consider the internal storage capacity depending on the type and size and media that the hard disk stores. Applications, games, and videos take the most file space while e-books, pictures, music, and documents take less space. The two hard disk types to choose from are solid-state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs). SSDs support faster speeds while HDDs provide larger memory capacities.

Desktop computers for work and entertainment

When a computer also serves as a viewing or gaming device, the clarity or depth of the display can range from high definition to 4K and 5K resolution, which offers the highest clarity to enjoy movies or edit videos and pictures. Some popular brands to choose from include HP® desktop computers as well as:

  • Acer®
  • Dell™
  • IBM®
  • Lenovo™

All-in-one touch-screen computers for intuitive operation

Because of their simple assembly, many all in ones feature wireless mice and keyboards. Those with touch-screen features enable user-friendly operation and can be ideal when designing or teaching. Such computers allow several adjustments for ergonomics, and because you can operate them without peripherals, their mobility is second only to laptop computers.

Gaming computers and fast processors

Fast processing speeds and gaming go hand in hand; many other tasks such as video editing, graphic design, and programming also require high speeds. Processing speeds measure in gigahertz, and while a 2.4 GHz processor might suffice for browsing and using word documents, faster speeds over 4 GHz are necessary for heavy data-processing apps, intensive multitasking, and gaming.

Another aspect that works closely with processor speed is the Random Access Memory or RAM. 4GB of RAM suffices for watching movies, browsing, and word processing. A RAM of 8GB supports more multitasking and 16GB of RAM is optimal for most gaming needs. Explore Quill for more types of Dell computers and other brands as well as computer accessories.

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