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Inkjet Paper

Inkjet paper is one of the most commonly used types of paper you’ll see in an office or home office. Learn more.

What is inkjet paper?

Inkjet paper is specifically designed to absorb liquid ink from an inkjet printer without spreading the ink and distorting the text or image printed on the page. Inkjet paper is treated with a special coating that allows it to absorb ink and still print crisp, readable documents and keep images vibrant, not blurry.

What type of inkjet paper weight should I use?

For everyday printing needs and printing text-heavy documents on an inkjet printer, the standard weight to use is 20lb. to 24lb. inkjet paper. (If your document contains several images, opt for the heavier 24lb. paper to reduce any chance of ink bleeding through to the other side of the page.)

For inkjet photo printing, use an inkjet paper that is photo quality (in a glossy, matte, or satin finish, depending on your preference). Inkjet photo paper typically has a thickness of 24lb. to 70lb.

inkjet paper types

Inkjet Paper: Photo Quality Paper Finishes

Can I use inkjet paper in a laser printer?

You cannot use inkjet paper in a laser printer. While inkjet printers and laser printers each occupy their own respective corners of an office, you cannot use paper interchangeably between the two.

Inkjet printer paper is specially coated to absorb ink for maximum readability. Laser printer paper is heat-treated to withstand the temperatures a laser printer uses to fuse ink to the page. The coating that is typically found on inkjet paper will actually prevent ink from being properly fused to the page if used in a laser printer. Additionally, if the coating from inkjet paper melts due to the heat from a laser printer, it can damage the laser printer components, too.

For all practical purposes, please use the correct type of paper for your printer.

What is inkjet transfer paper? How do I use it?

Inkjet transfer paper is a special type of paper that’s used in inkjet printers to make t-shirt transfers or to transfer an image onto another object. This type of paper has two layers: a layer that “traps” the ink and a second layer that protects the ink until it’s peeled away.

To use inkjet transfer paper, print your image onto the sheet.

Quick Quill Tip: Make sure your transfer image is printed on the transfer sheet in reverse or as a “mirror image.” Otherwise, text may appear backwards when you transfer it to your shirt.

Peel back the top layer and press your image onto the object you want to bear the transferred image. Heat can be applied to the object to get the ink to transfer to the t-shirt or object’s surface.

What is inkjet hagaki paper?

If you’re a U.S.-based business that prints photos or postcards that will be sold in Japan, the term “hagaki” will be of interest to you. Hagaki paper refers to a specific size of inkjet paper that measures 4" x 4". You can use a 4" x 6" postcard or photo print sized paper to print images, but cut the paper appropriately to create a true hagaki print.

There are also larger versions of hagaki prints. Japanese postcards measure an irregular 3.94" x 5.83". Another type of print setting used is the Japanese Double Postcard, which still uses a width of 5.83" but calls for a “doubled” height of the standard postcard at 7.87".

Now that you know more about inkjet paper, check out to find what you need for your next paper project.