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Laser Printer Paper

Laser printer paper is one of the most popular fixtures in any office and is used exclusively with laser printers. Learn more about this office mainstay.

What is laser printer paper?

Laser printer paper is a type of specially coated paper that is heat-treated to withstand the searing heat levels of the lasers that fuse polymer toner to paper. Toner fuses to the page to create the text and images you want to print onto the paper. This process provides sharp images and easy-to-read text.

What type of laser printer thickness should I use?

The most common weights — or thickness — used for printing documents are 20 lb to 28 lb laser paper.

Laser printer paper can come in a variety of weights, up to 60 lb and beyond. It’s important to remember that the thicker the paper, the more difficult it may be to correctly fuse ink to each sheet. This has nothing to do with the quality of your paper, but rather your laser printer’s handling settings.

Always make sure you read your manufacturer’s instructions to be sure your printer is properly calibrated for optimal paper handling on thicker paper. Doing so will make sure that your text and images are correctly fused and that ink does not flake off.

What kind of paper does a laser printer use? Does it make a difference?

It makes a big difference whether you use laser printer paper in your laser printer or not. Laser printer paper is treated to withstand the high heat that fuses ink to the page. If you use the wrong type of paper, the paper coating can melt from the laser heat and damage your printer. Always be sure to use paper that is specifically labeled for use in a laser printer. Otherwise, you may incur expensive costs to repair your printer.

Laser Printer and Paper

Laser Printer and Paper:

Why does my laser printer paper curl sometimes?

Since paper is made from mostly organic elements, it can be sensitive to the environment. If you are experiencing humid weather or live in a climate that is mostly humid year-round, your paper may absorb some of this moisture, causing it to curl. To prevent this from happening, make sure the area where you store your paper is air conditioned and well-ventilated.

Why is my laser printer making marks or stray lines on my paper?

If you see marks or vertical or horizontal lines printed on your paper, this isn’t an issue of paper quality. This is a common issue with laser printers. This can happen for one of many reasons:

  • Your print cartridge drum may be damaged.
  • The fuser in your laser printer may have worn out due to heat failure or fatigue fractures in printer rollers.
  • Your printer rollers may be dirty or damaged.

Faulty printer rollers are almost always the root cause of laser printer paper jams and feed problems. Lines can be a sign your rollers may need to be replaced. If you are consistently seeing lines or marks on your paper, it may be time to call in a professional printer repairman or schedule your laser printer for a professional cleaning.