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Do you have a question about product set-up that only the manufacturer can answer? Use our vendor links to connect to the manufacturer! If the manufacturer you'd like to contact isn't listed below, just contact us by e-mail. Our Electronic Correspondence Representatives are standing by with answers to your questions. They can provide you with detailed product specifications, operating procedures, service information and more. They'll respond to your e-mail within 2 business hours...how's that for fast!

Or if you prefer, call our Customer Service Hotline at 1-800-982-3400.

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AT Cross Company   www.cross.com
Acco Brands, Inc. 1-800-222-6462 www.acco.com
Acme United Corp.   www.acmeunited.com
Acroprint Time Recorder Co. 1-800-334-7190 www.acroprint.com
Admanco, Inc.   www.admanco.com
Adobe Systems   www.adobe.com
Advantus Corp   www.advantus.com
Air-Tex Corporation   www.airtex.com
Alliance Rubber Co., Inc.   www.rubberband.com
American Covers   www.americancovers.com
American Power Conversion   www.apcc.com
American Tombow, Inc.   www.tombow.com
Anderson Hickey Company   www.andersonhickey.com
Art Specialty Co.   www.artspecialty.com
Autodesk   www.autodesk.com
Avery Dennison 1-800-252-8379 www.avery.com


Balt Inc.   www.baltinc.com
BTE, Inc.   www.btetag.com
Bentcil Company   www.bentcil.com
Bic Graphic USA   www.bicgraphic.com
Bretford Manufacturing Co. 1-800-521-9614 www.bretford.com
Brother International Corp. 1-800-284-HELP www.brother.com
Buddy Products   www.buddy.com


Canon Computer Systems Inc.   www.ccsi.canon.com
Canon USA   www.usa.canon.com
Carlson Craft   www.carlsoncraft.com
Casio Inc. 1-800-962-2746 www.casio.com
Comfortage - Domestic 847-855-0876 www.comfortage.com
Conair Corporation   www.conair.com
3com   www.3com.com
Corel   www.corel.com
Coverbind Corporation 1-800-366-6060 www.coverbind.com
Cramer Inc.   www.cramerinc.com
Curtis Computer Products   www.curtis.com


Daisytek International   www.daisytek.com
Data-Doc Electronics Inc. 1-800-328-2362 www.datadoc.com
Day Runner Inc.   www.dayrunner.com
Deflect-O Corp.   www.deflecto.com
Delorme Mapping   www.delorme.com
Dictaphone Corporation   www.dictaphone.com
Dixon Ticonderoga 407-829-9000 www.dixonticonderoga.com
Dot Manufacturing 1-800-436-8736 www.dotmfg.com
Dragon Systems   www.dragonsys.com
Duracell USA   www.duracell.com
Durham Mfg. Co.   www.durham.com
Dynatec International 1-800-722-7425 www.dynatecintl.com


Eastman Kodak Co.   www.kodak.com
Edsal Mfg. Co., Inc.   www.edsal.com
Encore Software   www.encoresoftware.com
Ennis Business Forms Inc.   www.ennis.com
Epson America, Inc. 1-800-922-8911 www.epson.com
Esselte Pendaflex Corp.   www.esselte.com


Fellowes Mfg. Co. 1-800-945-4545
for shredders: 1-800-955-0959
Fire King International Inc.   www.fireking.com
Fiskars Inc.   www.fiskars.com
Fuji Film Computer Products   www.fujifilm.com


General Binding Corp.   www.gbc.com
General Ribbon   www.printgrc.com
Genicom Corp.   www.genicom.com
Geographics Inc.   www.geographics.com
Gillette Stationery Products   www.gillette.com
Global Industries, Inc. 1-800-220-1900 www.globaltotaloffice.com
Good Hope Bags   www.goodhopebags.com
Gould Plastics Inc.   www.gouldplastics.com
Graham Medical   www.grahammedical.com


H. Wilson Company   www.hwilson.com
Hammermill Paper   www.hammermillpaper.com
Harper Trucks Inc.   www.harpertrucks.com
Hewlett Packard 1-800-752-0900
for tape drives: 208-323-2551
Holden Graphic Services   www.holdengraphics.com
House of Doolittle   www.houseofdoolittle.com
Hunt Mfg. Co. 1-800-879-4868 www.hunt-corp.com


Ibico Inc.   www.ibico.com
IDG Books Worldwide, Inc.   www.idgbooks.com
Imation Enterprises Corp.   www.imation.com
Ingram Micro   www.ingrammicro.com
Intuit   www.intuit.com
Iomega 1-800-456-5522 www.iomega.com
Itelsa Ltd.   www.itelsa.com
Itoya of America Ltd.   www.itoya.com


Johnson & Johnson   www.johnsonandjohnson.com


Kantek Inc.   www.kantek.com
Kleer-Fax Inc.   www.kleer.com


Label Works   www.labelworks.com
Lexmark International, Inc.   www.lexmark.com


Manco Inc.   www.manco.com
Martin Furniture   www.martinfurniture.com
Martin Yale Industries Inc. 260-563-0641 www.martinyale.com
Master Caster Mfg. Co. Inc.   www.mastercaster.com
Maxell Corporation of America   www.maxell.com
Mayline Company   www.mayline.com
McAfee   www.mcafee.com
MCI Telecommunications   www.wcom.com
Mead-Hatcher   www.meadhatcher.com
Meco Corporation   www.meco.com
Metacreations   www.metacreations.com
Microsoft   www.microsoft.com
3M   www.3M.com
Monarch   www.monarch.com
Mr. Coffee Concepts Inc. 1-800-321-0370
in Ohio: 1-800-362-7604
Mysoftware   www.mysoftware.com


Nashua Corporation   www.nashua.com
NCR Corporation 1-800-774-7406 www.ncr.com
NEC Technologies   www.nectech.com
Newell OPG/Rubbermaid   www.rubbermaid.com


Ogio International   www.ogio.com
Okidata   www.okidata.com
Oklahoma Sound Corp.   www.oklahomasound.com
Olivetti Office USA 1-800-222-2310 www.olivetti.com
O'Sullivan Industries, Inc. 1-800-327-9782 www.osullivan.com


Pagemart   www.pagemart.com
Panasonic Business Equipment   www.panasonic.com
Peachtree Software   www.peachtree.com
Pelouze Scale Co. 1-800-654-8330  
Pentel of America 310-320-3831 www.pentel.com
Pilot Corporation 203-377-8800 www.pilotpen.com
Pitney Bowes   www.pitneybowes.com
Plantronics 408-426-6060 www.plantronics.com
Polaroid 1-800-343-5000 www.polaroid.com
Postal Products Unlimited   www.postalproducts.com
Powerquest   www.powerquest.com


Quartet Mfg./A GBC Company   www.quartetmfg.com


Random House Inc.   www.randomhouse.com
Rediform Office Products   www.rediform.com
Riverside Paper Co.   www.riversidepaper.com
Roaring Spring Blank Book   www.roaringspring.com
Royal Business Machines 1-800-222-2310 www.royalnet.com
Royal Seating Corp.   www.royalseating.com
Rubbermaid Inc. 330-264-6464, ext. 5342 www.rubbermaid.com


Safco Products Company
Sanford Corp. 1-800-323-0749 www.sanfordcorp.com
Sauder Woodworking Co. 1-800-537-8560 www.sauder.com
Sealed Air Corporation   www.sealedair.com
Sharp Consumer
Electronics Division
Calc./Fax Parts:
Service Center: 1-800-447-4700
Signore Incorporated   www.signore.com
Smead Mfg. Co. 1-888-737-6323 www.smead.com
Smith Corona Corporation 1-800-448-1018
in New York: 1-800-962-3000
Sony Corp. 1-800-222-7669 www.sony.com
Southwestern Bell 1-800-366-0397 www.sbc.com
Stewarts Companies   www.stewarts.com
Sweda Company, LLC   www.sweda.com
Symantec   www.symantec.com


T.T. Systems Corp.
1-800-221-3085 www.ttsystems.com
Tabbies   www.tabbies.com
Targus, Inc.   www.targus.com
TDK Electronics Corp.   www.tdk.com
Tenneco Packaging Company 1-800-842-2737  
Texas Instruments   www.texasinstruments.com
The C-Thru Ruler Company Inc.   www.cthruruler.com
The Chenille Kraft Company   www.chenillekraft.com
The Executive Line Inc.   www.executiveline.com
The Hon Company   www.hon.com
Tombow USA   www.tombowusa.com
Tops   www.tops-products.com


Union Camp Corporation   www.internationalpaper.com


Velcro USA, Inc.   www.velcro.com
Vertiflex Co.   www.vertiflex.com
Viking Components, Inc.   www.vikingcomponents.com
Virco Mfg. Corporation   www.virco-mfg.com


Webster Industries   www.websterindustries.com
Wincraft Inc. (Larlu Mfg.)   www.wincraft.com


Xerox Corporation   www.xerox.com


Zoom Telephonics   www.zintl.com