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Cubby Storage Units for Organization

Cubby storage units reign in the world of office storage, especially for small items. The units come divided into sections of varying sizes for storing items such as paper and loose supplies. Install cubby units in the break room to give employees a designated spot to store personal items. You don't need a visit from the organizational fairy to get the office in order with the pre-divided sections of a cubby unit.

Give Everything a Place

Traditional bookshelves work well for books and large supplies, but what about paper clips, loose leaf paper and extra tape dispensers? Stacking small items on a large shelf invites an office supply landslide with devastating results -- at least to the person tasked with the clean up. Instead, give smaller items a cozy home in one of the divided sections of a cubby unit. The size and shape of cubby sections vary based on the unit you select. Many have multiple sizes in one unit, so you have room for large and small items in one area. Spend a little time evaluating your supply stockpile to determine the best cubby configuration to tame your storage situation.

Use Bins... or Not

Even with divided sections, some office supplies are too small or don't stack well, leaving them free to slip and slide within the compartment. Bins that fit snugly into the cubby sections keep loose items contained. Some cubby units come with bins designed to fit into the specific sizes of cubby holes. If you choose a unit without bins, you can add your own baskets, bins or other containers that fit within the spaces. Add bins to every opening or only a few, depending on how you plan to use each section. With so many options, cubby storage units are an indispensable tool in the world of office supply organization.

Find Materials Quickly

The open sections of a cubby storage unit make it quick and easy for your employees to find just what they need to complete a work task. You can usually spot what you need right away. For less obvious items or for items that look similar, add labels above each section. This is also a subtle way to remind your employees to put things back where they belong. Cubby units with clear storage bins offer transparency that makes it easy to spot what you need. Opaque, colored bins block the view, but don't let that stop you from guiding your employees to the right bin. Use a color-coding system based on the color of the bins. And don't forget to slap on a nice, big label that tells everyone exactly what goes inside. Finding materials faster means your employees won't waste time digging through piles of random office supplies, allowing them to make more efficient use of their time.