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Dixon® china markers enable professionals or home managers to write lettering, numbers, or symbols on different nonporous materials. Known as Dixon Phano china markers, the pencils come in several basic colors. The non-toxic colors wipe clean from nonporous surfaces with a damp cloth. Artists sometimes use Dixon markers on porous paper for mixed-media artwork with acrylics.

Dixon china markers are wax-style pencils

Dixon Phano china markers, also known as wax or grease pencils, are writing implements that leave clear writing on most nonporous surfaces. The marking material is nontoxic, comes in several colors, and, unlike permanent markers like ink-based Dixon Redimark Permanent markers, you can wipe the marks from surfaces using a damp cloth.including 

Dixon Markers for several types of material

Dixon China markers have a more utilitarian application than many other assorted markers available. They’re primarily for labeling or leaving identifying marks on nonporous materials including:

  • Metals, including chrome-plating
  • Ceramics and porcelain, including china
  • Clear, translucent, and opaque glass
  • Plastic, vinyl, and rubber
  • Wood, MDF, and particleboard

Some artists use the pencils in mixed-media art as well, often on charcoal or pastel drawing paper.

Some different applications for Dixon china markers

The many categories of office supplies for home or business include ink and gel pens, lead pencils, and ink highlighters and markers. While Dixon china markers are useful in the office, they’re even more applicable in other commercial settings. Retailers of discount products often use them to mark and change prices. Construction crews use them to show the location of studs or beams, or the dimensions of door or window casings. Mechanics use Dixon markers to number auto parts for restoration projects. Technicians use them to identify and number X-rays. At home, you can use them to label glass jars or plastic storage bins, and the markings are easy to wipe clean.

Easy to use

Unlike many writing supplies, Dixon Phano China markers don’t require a sharpener. They have a paper wrapping with a long string wound around the core and paper. Pull the string down to the next ridge and peel off the remaining inner casing to reveal more of the marker. Unlike Dixon Redimark permanent markers, which are for both porous and nonporous surface, China markers need not be capped.

Check out all Dixon markers at Quill in midnight black, crimson red, white, yellow, and blue, and more, including a black thin-line china pencil. Choose the cost-saving packages that include a dozen of each color in a box.

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