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Coveralls Longer zipper extends to chin for complete coverage of neck area Enables a greater range of movement while stretching and bending Serged seams Even after abrasion, stops sub-micron particles better than reusable garments


DuPont Tyveck Coveralls for Workplace Protection

Suit up your employees for potentially dangerous situations with DuPont Tyvek coveralls. These one-piece coveralls go over employees' regular clothing to form a barrier against a wide range of dangers in the workplace. A comfortable design that allows for a great range of motion lets employees tackle all of their work duties while staying protected. They may not feel stylish suiting up in their coveralls, but they definitely get a sense of safety knowing they are protected from hazards.

Protect Your Staff From Hazardous Situations

Efficiency and profit are important, but not nearly as important as the safety of your employees. Protective gear like Tyvek coveralls reduces the risk of workplace injuries. And chemicals or other hazardous materials are nothing to take chances with. Your workers comp representative is sure to approve of your coveralls initiative around the workplace. Coveralls come in bulk packages, so you can cover all your employees and have extras for staff who don't routinely require protective gear. Choose sizes that match the stature of any employees who use the coveralls. This may mean buying more than one size to get a tailored feeling for everyone. The serged seams on the coveralls help them hold up to the rigors of your workplace, no matter what the industry. Even if the coveralls are affected by an abrasion, the product still provides greater protection than disposable protective gear.

Allow for Flexible Use

Putting an extra layer of clothing over your regular clothes seems like it could make you feel a little uptight and stuffy. DuPont designs its Tyvek coveralls to loosen the feeling while still offering a fitted look. The design lets users stoop, bend and stretch as they normally would without feeling restricted. This lets your employees do what they need to do, even in a hazardous situation. That freedom to move around and do job-specific tasks could help keep the situation from escalating. Employees won't mind wearing the coveralls for extended periods, because they are still able to move around the work area comfortably, and you get the satisfaction of knowing they're following safety protocols without grumbling.

Tailor Protective Gear to Your Needs

All DuPont Tyvek coveralls provide protection, but some options come with extra little touches that may be better suited for the specific conditions in your workplace. Some come with elastic wrist and ankle bands to keep them in place and prevent contaminants from entering. If working conditions require a respirator, choose a model that includes an attached respirator-fit hood with elastic around the face for maximum protection. Look for attached boots that feature skid resistance if you want total coverage for your employees. Other styles size all the way up to the chin for extra protection around the neck. These seemingly small features could make a big difference in the safety of your staff.