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Get an HP® desktop monitor to upgrade your viewing experience. The HP Pavilion desktop monitor offers backlight stabilization control, along with an extensive color spectrum for excellent picture quality. Consider important factors, including size, color reproduction, response time, viewing angle, and contrast ratio, when finding a suitable HP computer monitor for your needs.

HP desktop monitor suits home or business needs

For an updated system that helps boost productivity, consider an HP desktop monitor. Whether for personal or business use, it offers powerful features to optimize display and screen performance. In a variety of sizes and resolutions, choose from 21- to 35-inch models to maximize desk space. Popular brands of desktop computers come in standard tower models or all-in-one units with built-in computer screens. For casual or occasional use, a smaller screen caters to most home or home office requirements. Creative professionals, movie enthusiasts, photography buffs, and avid gamers may find a wider HP computer monitor with a higher resolution more suitable to their needs.

HP computer monitor provides different backlight options

A broad range of desktop and all-in-one computers accommodate monitors using the liquid crystal display (LCD) technology. Older LCD screens come with fluorescent backlighting while newer models use light-emitting diodes (LED) to illuminate the liquid crystals. An HP LED monitor features backlight stabilization control to optimize monitor brightness. Although fluorescent-lit monitors offer a more affordable option, LED-lit screens come in slimmer, lighter weight, and more energy-efficient designs. The HP Pavilion desktop monitor meets industry standards for comprehensive sustainability and superior energy efficiency with an ENERGY STAR® 6.0 rating.

Monitor panel types offer unique profiles

Modern computer monitors come in several panel types to suit different user requirements. Part of the LCD panel technology family, these panel types include:

  • In-plane switching (IPS): Parallel alignment and horizontal shifting of liquid crystals enable rich color reproduction and better viewing angles
  • Twisted nematic (TN): Quick response time and rapid refresh rate minimize screen tearing and blurring
  • Vertical alignment (VA): High contrast ratio produces intense and vibrant colors in both highlights and shadows

An HP LCD monitor with an IPS panel meets the demands of color-intensive professional tasks such as graphic design, CAD applications, and video editing. For a more immersive gaming experience, a TN monitor remains a popular choice. Choose an HP display monitor with a VA panel to ensure depth of detail for movies, content creation, photography, and general purpose use.

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