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HP large format printers are must-have tools in many professional settings, from graphic design firms to architectural companies and construction businesses. HP produces various models, from plug-and-play varieties that suit first-time users to complex units that give people a variety of high-end features. Compare models in each product line to find the right solution for the office.

Choose a high-quality HP wide-format printer

With any printer purchase, quality is a top priority for most personal and professional users. It is especially important when choosing an HP wide-format printer. Low-resolution photos look blurry and sparse on large documents, but a high-resolution device ensures that details are crisp and precise on posters, photos, and other printouts. Many HP models have a resolution of 2400 x 1200 dpi, which indicates how many dots are in each square inch of space. Typically, HP photo printer models have a higher resolution than non-photo units. This permits the devices to accurately output photo details.

Consider document size options

Document dimension limits are a deciding factor for many business users. While shopping, think about the dimensions of each type of document the organization outputs. Look for printers that meet or exceed these requirements. A machine that has higher dimension limits gives users extra options if their printing needs change. Large models handle documents up to 44 inches in width.

Speed options on HP large format printers

On standard printing devices, speed is measured in pages per minute. For HP large format printers; speed is measured in how many seconds it takes to output one page. There are several speed options.

  • 21 seconds per page
  • 25 seconds per page
  • 35 seconds per page

The increased print times are due to multiple factors. First, wide-format models have high ink density and it takes more time for the machines to deposit ink on each sheet. Second, it takes longer to print a large document than a standard 8.5 x 11 page.

Use an HP plotter printer for posters

Many printers recreate files in standard formats, such as PDF, JPEG, and BMP. HP plotter printer models use vector files. Companies that use plotter software, such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel, can rely on plotter printers for creating signs. These devices use specialized plotter paper. Plotters and standard wide-format models are similar in price. Keep in mind that upkeep costs vary. Look into the printer cartridges and paper types that each machine needs to predict annual materials costs.

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