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An HP laser printer uses toner to heat the ink powder to form the desired image on the paper. It is a fast process with bright, long-lasting results. Whether using the laser machine at the office or in the home, there are a few options to consider, including several extra abilities, types of connections, and security features.

HP laser printer functions

An HP color laser printer can either do one task or several. A single function machine will print color or black projects and is useful in homes or offices that only need to print. A multi-function printer will print but can also scan and copy, and some also fax. This is useful for homes and offices that need these kinds of abilities and don’t want to buy multiple machines. Making copies or receiving faxes will use the same HP laser ink cartridges as printing so there is no need to purchase or install extra printer ink or toner.

HP color laser printer connections

There are three ways that computers, laptops, phones, and tablets can connect to Hewlett Packard laserjet printers. Some machines include one or all of these connection options.

  • USB uses a cable between computer and printer which creates a strong connection between devices
  • Network allows users to connect to the printer through fast Ethernet cables and LANs
  • Wireless printers connect to devices through Wi-Fi® Bluetooth® without any cables

HP laser printer security features

Many professional HP printers include powerful security features that protect both the machine and the sensitive information sent to it through computers. These printers can detect threats and attacks immediately and then will self-heal if a problem arises. Security software allows managers to set specific safety rules or allow only specific IP addresses to access the printer to prevent unwanted users. The printers can also embed the information sent to keep it from prying eyes.

HP laser printer additional features

Laserjet and HP inkjet printers often include several extra features that boost use. Duplex printing allows users to print on both sides of the page automatically to save time. The LCD screens often have basic editing functions such as scaling and rotating images before printing instead of using complicated photo editing software. Multi-function machine might include hole punching, stapling, and folding functions that perform mundane tasks that take up precious work time.

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