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Interfold napkin dispensers are tabletop containers holding different volumes of meal wipes in a specific folded pattern so workers or customers can pull them easily, one at a time. Most interfold napkins are 2-ply for extra absorbency and embossed for both style and extra pockets of softness. Several high-quality dispenser brands are available, including GP PRO™ Dixie Ultra® dispensers.

Interfold napkin dispensers are indispensable

Company breakrooms, diners and luncheonettes, and fast-food service providers require a convenient way to give employees and customers access to napkins to keep hands and mouths clean while eating. Many types of napkins are available for the workplace, including Tork® napkins and other brands that cater to leisurely meals. Interfold napkins typically come in high-volume packs, offering convenience and hygiene in fast-paced, on-the-go food-service environments. Their interfold design ensures they pop of out dispensers one at a time, leaving the next one behind for easy fingertip grabbing.

Dispensers of interfold napkins offer more than hygiene

Many dispensers of interfold towels are available, including the Mind Reader line, which is part of Tork napkin dispenser products. Other brands also specialize in dispensers that offer more than availability of ready-to-go napkins for employees or customers. For instance, GP PRO Dixie Ultra dispenser models, providing a range of high-quality options in different volumes, help reduce waste, not just by making it easy to pull one napkin at a time, but also by minimizing the use of bulk napkins. GP PRO models are appropriate for any lunchroom decor, coming in sleek designs and available in neutral colors. All the models have innovative latch systems that make it easy to replace interfold napkins but prevent unwanted access.

Different options with GP PRO dispensers

Ultra Dixie dispensers provide features that make them a sound choice:

  • They offer a volume range from 250 to 1,000 napkins per container
  • Designs include sleek single-canister and tower models, providing the choice between an upright or back-tilted dispenser configuration
  • Many have flexible side flaps for inserting a logo or special-offer flyers
  • They come with rubber feet so they don’t slide around on tables during use

Look into all the interfold napkin dispenser models at Quill and get the design or size that best fits your breakroom or lunchroom needs.


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