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Want to know more about Keyboard Trays
Keyboard trays eliminate office clutter and provide an ergonomic typing surface users can adjust to match their working posture. Keyboard drawers and arm-mounted trays attach to the underside of your desk and slide out of sight when they're not in use. An over-desk keyboard tray combines a sliding drawer with a stand that elevates your computer monitor or laptop for better viewing.

Keyboard trays enhance employee comfort

Many people spend their working hours typing, and a keyboard tray lowers the computer keyboard and extends it beyond the edge of the desk, allowing a more natural arm position. Many models have height and tilt adjustments, so users can place the keyboard correctly relative to the height of the chair, computer monitor, and desk. Products with integrated rests offer cushioned wrist support, and trays with reversible mouse trays accommodate left- and right-handed users.

Some under-desk keyboard trays can raise typing surfaces above the desktop, accommodating users who stand while they work. Clamp-on models fit onto edges of desks. They combine keyboard position adjustments with a small footprint, making them an excellent option for cubicles or work surfaces in high-traffic areas. Desktop keyboard drawers that double as display stands can raise computer monitors or laptops to a more comfortable viewing height. All these products accommodate wired and wireless keyboards and mice.

Customize your keyboard tray quickly

In most cases, a single control unlocks the tray mechanism so the user can adjust its position. Once the tray is in the right spot, the lever or handle locks it in place, creating a stable work surface. Trays fit a broad range of computer keyboards, including full-sized gaming models and compact portable keyboards.

Reduce clutter with a keyboard tray

Using desktop or under-desk keyboard trays keeps computer mice and keyboards hidden when they're not in use, freeing up space for other tasks. Some models include wire management features that hide cable clutter away from work areas. Sliding keyboards and mice out of the way when they're not needed and using keyboard cleaners can reduce the risk of spills or breakage and extend the service life of computer accessories.

Keyboard drawers and trays fit most desks

Most keyboard accessories are simple to install using a few tools, and they fit any standard office desk. Some have modular typing platforms that adjust to fit small work surfaces or corner desks in cubicles. Popular keyboard tray brands include:

  • 3M™
  • Chatsworth Products
  • Fellowes®
  • Kensington®
  • Staples®

Keyboard drawers from furniture manufacturers such as Bush® and HON® feature designs and finishes that coordinate with the company's other office products.

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