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Whether you work in an office, from home, or between both environments, a notebook computer makes it easy to get the job done. It nicely fits on desks and is the ideal solution for those who want the convenience of a tablet, along with the core components of a desktop machine. In addition to saving on space, a lightweight work laptop eliminates clustered wires.

A work laptop for on-the-go assignments

Practical features on ergonomic notebooks, such as touchscreens, anti-glare and LCD backlit screens, up to 1TB capacity, quad-core processors, multiple ports, and spill-resistant keyboards add to the appeal of taking your notebook computer everywhere. When at your desk, you can always connect your notebook to a separate monitor for a larger view.

Find a budget-friendly notebook computer

There are work laptops to fit every need and budget, and a technology deal is often available, especially if you purchase accessories at the same time. Save money with these deals and stock up on accessories.

Many well-known laptop brands to choose from

When it comes to deciding on a work computer, the most difficult choice is the brand. Choose from any of the following popular manufacturers:

  • Acer®
  • Apple®
  • Asus®
  • Dell
  • Hewlett-Packard®
  • Intel®
  • Lenovo™
  • Microsoft®
  • Panasonic®
  • Samsung®
  • Toshiba®
  • ViewSonic®

Protect and customize your notebook computer with these essentials

Should you need a replacement or an extra part for your laptop, Quill has it. Once you have the necessary components to keep your work computer running efficiently, check out the accessories that reflect your personality:

  • USB flash drive — from 2GB to 64GB, sold individually or in multipacks, some USB flash drives also include remote management and encryption features
  • Bag — options include airport-friendly, rolling, messenger, and professional styles, as well as shoulder straps in solid or two-toned colors
  • Case — extra protection, designed to fit several brands
  • Battery — an extra comes in handy should your original one stop working
  • Docking station — allows you to work between devices and easily transfer files and images
  • Charger — you can never have too many chargers for all of your devices
  • Lock — perfect for public spaces when you must step away from your work computer
  • Desk — choose the right fit for you, whether a height-adjustable standing station or a cushiony contoured lap desk
  • Fan — prevent overheating with a USB-powered cooling station that includes LED lighting or is foldable
  • Speakers — crisply enhances podcasts, media, tutorials, or teleconferences
  • Headset — USB or wireless and keeps music, gaming, or conversations going while at your laptop
  • Protective skin — keeps dust, grime, crumbs, and pet hair from tarnishing the laptop or keyboard