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A Letter Opener Makes It Easy to Open Envelopes

Nobody likes getting a paper cut or ruining their fresh manicure when opening mail. To cut down on these workplace hazards and keep your staff happy, order an assortment of letter openers in various styles from Quill. They make letter opening a simple task and leave behind a neat, clean edge on the envelope. Whether your staff receives a few letters a day or a mountain of mail, letter openers make the workday a little bit easier. Choose from manual or electronic models to suit your office's needs.

Manual Letter Openers Come in Assorted Styles

Show that your appreciate each member of your staff by ordering unique letter openers. For the boss, select a model with an elegant wood handle to enhance the sophistication of her office decor. Choose a style with a strong stainless steel blade that can handle envelopes of any thickness. Plastic letter openers offer a rounded grip that makes them easy to use and helps the job goes faster.

Automatic Letter Openers Save Time in High-Volume Mail Rooms

Be ready for an avalanche of invoices and bill payments at the beginning of the month and help your mail sorters stay on top of the job by installing an automatic letter opener in your office. They make it simple for employees to slit open envelopes cleanly and neatly without damaging the contents. For convenience, look for a model with a self-sharpening blade. Hand-held battery-operated letter openers are portable and allow your staff members to pass them around for easy sharing.