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Toner & ink cartridges for your Lexmark printer

Refill your Lexmark printer today with our fast shipping on a wide selection of authentic ink and toner cartridges for your Lexmark printer. Don't forget about our fantastic customer service, weekly offers, easy reorder process and an ink and toner recycling program that lets you earn Quill cash towards your next printer cartridge purchase

Lexmark ink cartridges for inkjet printers

Those who use an inkjet device at home or in the office rely on Lexmark inkjet printer cartridges. Each small cartridge holds concentrated ink that spreads smoothly on the page to duplicate text and photos. Lexmark has many ink cartridge models to accommodate each of its inkjet printers. Some printers use all-in-one color cartridges. The cartridge is split evenly between cyan, magenta, and yellow ink. This design streamlines the Lexmark printer ink replacement process, but it also requires users to throw out remaining ink when one color runs out. Other printers have separate cartridge slots for cyan, magenta, and yellow. With these models, users can replace each color as it runs out instead of replacing all three at once. Liquid ink can dry out, so it's important to store them in a cool, dark place prior to use.

Laser Lexmark printer toner

Many professional settings use laser printers for their high print speed, low upkeep costs, and high monthly page limits. Getting the right Lexmark laser printer cartridges is essential for the life of a laser printer. Unlike liquid ink, toner is stored in a powder form. This extends its life considerably and makes advance purchasing much more convenient. While many laser printers are monochrome and only need black toner, there are some color laser printers that need cyan, magenta, and yellow Lexmark printer cartridges.

Bulk Lexmark printer cartridges

In many cases, purchasing Lexmark ink cartridges in advance saves time and money. Consider ordering bulk ink packages in these circumstances:

  • Major work project with photo-heavy documents
  • Photo printing for holidays and gatherings
  • Daily use of office printers
  • A stretch of school or work deadlines

As long as you can use ink and toner before its use-by date, it's perfectly safe to purchase cartridges in bulk and store them in cool, dark conditions.

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