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Want to know more about Literature & Mail Sorters
When incoming mail hits the company mailroom, it must be distributed quickly. A mail sorter makes it easy to organize batches according to floor, department, or name for efficient distribution. Sort outgoing mail by zip code or by weight into a few slots of the sorter to speed up the mail process.

A mail sorter speeds up delivery and pickup

Mail organizers and make it simple to distribute communications. With separate slots for different departments and individual employees, these office mailboxes allow people to quickly grab their correspondence. Most organizers are supplied with snap on label holders for easy identification. For larger offices, the organizers make it an easy task to assemble mail for delivery in mail carts.

Provide better service with a mail sorter

Services provided by a mail room go beyond receiving and distributing mail. Keep the department organized with a mail sorter that's well stocked with mailing supplies. These organizers make it easy for people to find what they need to prepare large mailing projects. The slots in an organizer make excellent storage for office basics such as tape, staples, pens, and pencils, as well as flat items like notepads and binder paper refills.

A mail sorter is constructed to last

When choosing a sorter, look for quality units made of steel or wood from top manufacturers like Safco® and Durham®. Adjustable shelves make it easy to create custom designs, including larger slots for catalogs or boxes, or multiple slim slots for standard mail deliveries. For lightweight mail, corrugated card board organizers by familiar companies like Bankers Box® and Fellowes® are easy to assemble and hold up to 200 pounds. Most mail organizers fit conveniently at the back of a sturdy workbench to leave plenty of work space at the front of the table.

Stock the shelves of your sorter with the supplies needed to keep a mailroom workstation running, such as:

With the multitude of design options available, it is easy to find a mail sorter that will keep your mailroom functions smooth and efficient.

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