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Want to know more about Magazine Holders
Plastic magazine holders are handy desk accessories for keeping journals, pamphlets, and trade publications organized, protected, and readily available for display or reference. Desktop magazine holders come in stationary or rotary models for specific organizational or reference needs. Other magazine organizers are available for shelf storage, as display racks, and for everyday reading.

Magazine holders for organization and storage

Magazine holders, including magazine racks, come in different configurations. The traditional, functional version is the vertical, upright magazine file holder with triangular side walls, ideal for arranging or storing periodicals by date or name. The holders normally have a front panel that you can label for easy reference. Some of these file holders come as multiple, combination-unit holders for organizing several different magazine series. The file holders can be placed on shelves or can accompany other desk organizers. Other traditional magazine holders are the curved bins or baskets that go alongside chairs or in corners or nooks to provide a way to keep everyday reading material readily on hand.

Magazine display racks

Reception areas, front offices, and waiting rooms often offer a variety of magazines to keep patients, clients, or guests occupied as they wait for appointments. These magazine racks are normally floor-standing configurations with tiered slots so guests can see the title of each magazine. The slotted display racks also come in more compact versions for home bathroom or bedside use. Some of the display racks are actually free-standing rotating magazine stands with multiple slotted sides that guests can turn conveniently to choose their reading material. Other display racks are wall-mounted units, similar to wall file organizers, ideal when floor space is limited.

Reference organizers

Magazine holders also include arrangements for browsing reference material at work tables or desktops. The browsing racks contain clear-plastic page pockets for holding multiple reference sheets. Different stands are available for accessing the material, including traditional flip-page platforms and rotary racks with document panels that are useful not only for reference but also for presentations. Some of these reference organizers are connected to swing arms to make reading easier at different eye heights, while permanent platforms normally are positioned at an angle for reading convenience. Other reference holders include literature organizers. Similar to drawer organizers with different configurations for desktop accessories, literature organizers contain vertical, horizontal, and cubby-hole compartments to keep not only magazines but also other reference accessories in their place.

Different brands of holders and racks

Several well-known manufacturers make magazine racks and holders in plastic, metal, fiberboard, or cardboard. They include:

  • Aidata
  • Bindertek
  • Design Ideas®
  • Safco®
  • Staples®
  • Steelmaster®

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