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Midland® radios give you powerful performance that deliver longer-range broadcasting! Another way to keep in touch with friends and family is using 2-way radios Unlike cellular phones, these radios do not use towers so talk all you want and save the cell phone for emergencies


Midland 2-Way Radios For Simple Communication Needs

Midland 2-Way radios are useful whether you communicate with nearby employees, work in an outdoor industry that requires hiking or camping, or need communication devices for a security detail. The radios transmit for several miles, depending on the model and the frequency you choose for operation. Other possible options include weather scanning, channel scanning and silent operation. Midland provides several different radio and accessory types to suit any employment event or emergency.

Outdoor and Wilderness Capability

Use Midland 2-way radios on road hauls when there are multiple vehicles or caravans so all drivers know about route changes or the need to pull over. Radios are useful for employees who work on campgrounds or boats and who lead hikes. They're also practical for any company where your employees are likely to be separated across a campus or performing various separate responsibilities. If your business operates on a large property or ranch, use the radios to communicate with employees when one or more are working away from the main base of operation. These 2-way radios also allow a security team to communicate with each other while working events.

Emergency Capability

Midland 2-way radios are life-saving devices in an emergency situation. Whether there is a natural disaster or another type of physical threat, 2-way radios provide essential communication that only relies on frequencies and distance. Cellphones require a provider, cell tower, and network service or Internet connection to work. Use radios anywhere and at any time, even when regular networks are down or too far to use.

Long-Range Transmission

Depending on the model purchased and the openness of the land or waterway, Midland 2-way radios transmit signal up to 36 miles away. These frequencies change between the radio's multiple channels. The first several channels are available to more users, so range is more limited than the remaining channels. Some models provide an easy emergency frequency for instant emergency information. Range also depends on the battery charge and the power setting.

Special Features

Midland 2-way radios come with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack but can also use AAA batteries. With proper care, the rechargeable battery pack lasts between two and three years and has up to 15 hours of use with each charge. These radios also work with other radio brands when dialed into the proper frequency. Some models use Weather Scan Alert to transmit updates from the National Weather Service. All models have various alert tones for incoming communications from employees.

Radio Types and Accessories

Midland 2-way radios come as handheld devices, CB radio devices and base camp AM/FM radio devices. Let your company's security details have access to surveillance headsets. Other accessories include throat microphones, tactical microphones and headsets with microphones attached. These allow for greater mobility and the use of both hands to suit whatever your business needs are.