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Waterman Ballpoint Pen Refills  (6 Products)
Waterman pen refills are for some of the most stylish, well-engineered ballpoint pens available. Waterman refills come in different colors and tip sizes for meeting any writing needs. Waterman ballpoint pen refills include its own products, as well as cartridges from Monteverde, which also offers an optional gel-ink cartridge that is interchangeable with any Waterman ballpoint. Read More
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Waterman Medium Ballpoint Refill For Waterman Ballpoint Pens, Black (834254)

Waterman Medium Ballpoint Refill For Waterman Ballpoint Pens, Black (834254)

Ink refill for all Waterman Ballpoint fine writing pens
Black ink
Medium point
$8.99 Each
Item # 901-210450
Item # 901-78286YFW
Item # 901-78295YFW
Item # 901-78335YFW
Item # 901-78294YFW
Item # 901-78288YFW
Want to know more about Waterman Ballpoint Pen Refills

Standard Waterman pen refills

Waterman offers several specific models of fine-writing fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint pens in its lineup, as well as ink refill cartridges for its rollerballs and ballpoints. As with many pen refills that are cross-compatible with brands other than their own, Waterman refills also include ballpoint cartridges available from Monteverde, another producer of fashionable, high-end pens. Monteverde Soft Roll™ refills for Waterman are engineered to the same high-quality standards, consisting of nickel-plated brass cartridge tubes with Swiss-made precision tips.

Ballpoint cartridges with both fine and medium tips

Unlike many clickable open-and-close writing instruments, such as retractable rollerball pens and ballpoint pens, Waterman pens use stylish endcaps to protect the writing tip when not in use. Waterman ballpoint pen refills insert easily and snugly into the unscrewed barrel when they need to be replaced, without any need for stemmed springs. Refill cartridges come in both 0.7 mm medium tips and 0.5 mm fine tips. Medium tips provide a bolder, more fluid stroke, so they’re ideal for writing letters on high-quality stationary. Fine tips provide a more accurate stroke, so they’re excellent for jotting down numbers, writing in the margins of books, or engaging in finely detailed drawing.

Types of cartridge ink

Unlike the ink for gel pens, which consists of pigments suspended in a water-based gel, ballpoint pen ink is a mixture of pigment and oil. Gel ink flows more freely on paper, while ballpoint ink dries more quickly on paper. Monteverde refills for Waterman pens also include another type of cartridge, the USA® Capless Gel, that converts the ballpoint pen into a steel-tip gel-ink instrument. For its standard Soft Roll cartridges, Monteverde uses low-viscosity oil-based ink that mimics the free flow of gel ink. The ballpoint refills come in blue and black ink. Monteverde refills for Waterman ballpoints come in other interchangeable colors:

  • Green ink
  • Red ink
  • Pink ink
  • Turquoise ink
  • Purple ink

Refill packages

Like many bulk ballpoint pens that are available in a variety of package sizes, many pen refills are available in different quantity packages. Refills for Waterman ballpoint pens are available not only in single packs, but also in packs of six for each selected color.