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Music Books  (6 Products)
Music books include a vast range of material to introduce kids to the world of music and sharpen their musical skills as they live in it. Music books for kids include instruction in music theory and composition, as well as for several instruments. Histories of musical genres and music books on discs with song sheets from popular musicians teach them musical roots and let them hone their chops. Read More
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Pacon® Music Staff Book, 11 x 8-½”, 96 Sheets

Pacon® Music Staff Book, 11 x 8-½”, 96 Sheets

Age group and grade: Ages 4 - 14 years and grade P - 9th
Title: Music Staff
No. of pages: 96
$21.79 Pack
Item # 901-JV975802
Little Ringer Ringing Color DVD handbell
$15.99 Each
Item # 901-20002142
Rhythm Band 8 Note Bell Song Bk 20 Songs

Rhythm Band 8 Note Bell Song Book, 20 Songs

All ages
Arranged by Bergin
20 songs
$5.99 Each
Item # 901-20002160
Item # 901-20002151
Rhythm Band More 8 Note Bell 20 Song Bk

Rhythm Band More 8 Note Bell Song Book, 20 Songs

All ages
Arranged by Bergin
20 songs
$5.99 Each
Item # 901-20002159
On The Mark Press Music Is Fun Book, Grade PreK-K

On The Mark Press Music Is Fun Book, Grade PreK-K

Age group and grade: Ages 3 - 6 years and grade PreK - K
Title: Music Is Fun
No. of pages: 64
$24.59 Each
Currently out of stock.
Item # 901-JV158140
Want to know more about Music Books

Music books for kids to hone their performance skills

Instruction in many musical instruments is available, from the piano, drums, and flute to trumpet, clarinet, and guitar. Vocal instruction books include lessons in melody, harmony, sight singing, and chorale, including genres ranging from opera to soul. Other music books for kids focus on conducting, including linear time and meter, and on songwriting and composition. Children can even learn the fundamentals of studio work, like acoustic design and audio engineering.

Music books as learning tools

Music is essential to the language arts, and several books with educational activities, music, and video include hands-on music practice for all primary ages. Several specialize in grade-appropriate sequenced music theory using traditional learning techniques. Music books for kids include pre-K to kindergarten activities like sing-alongs and rhyming and rhythm exercises. Those for first to eighth-grade students contain instrument practice activities, histories of instruments and composers, and question sets with answer keys. Find books in the following music fundamentals for high school study:

  • Symbology up to 64th notes
  • Major and minor keys
  • Treble, tenor, alto, and bass clef reading
  • Time signatures and count

These books are ideal for instruction in classrooms or at home.

Practicing with music books on disc

Many books come with CDs so that kids who know the fundamentals of playing instruments can refine their chops with the help of instrumental greats. Young learners can play along with sheets and recorded music to learn Duane Allman’s classic slide guitar licks, John Coltrane’s masterful alto sax riffs, Ian Anderson’s spry flute breathing on Jethro Tull classics, or Billy Joel’s melodic intricacies on piano. Younger kids have theme-based practice sessions with music from Harry Potter or the Mario Brothers.

Books for learning the roots

An eclectic range of music resource books include biographies on those who shaped today’s world of music, from Bach and Stephen Foster to Louis Armstrong, Elvis, and even Taylor Swift. Histories include narratives of all major eras, such as classical, swing, rock ‘n’ roll, and hip-hop, among many, many others. Behind-the-scenes exposes are also available on the bands that epitomized these eras, including The Beatles.

Search Quill for a massive assortment of books and CDs to invite kids into the art of music and let them become part of it throughout their lives.