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Netgear Fast Ethernet Switch

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NETGEAR® fast Ethernet switches connect several devices to form local area networks or LANs. Switches direct traffic to specific destinations reducing network congestion. Some, like Netgear 8-port fast Ethernet switches, are plug and play for easy setup. With many unmanaged Netgear ProSAFE® fast Ethernet switches, users get devices built to a higher specification for greater durability. Read More
NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch, Plug-and-Play (GS105NA)

NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch, Plug-and-Play (GS105NA)

Connects up to 10x faster than Fast Ethernet for maximum performance
Auto power-down mode saves energy when port is unused
Simple to combine Fast Ethernet and Gigabit devices in your network
$47.99 Each
This item ships FREE *
Item # 901-GS105NA
Model # GS105NA
NETGEAR 5-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Switch (GS605)

NETGEAR 5-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Switch (GS605)

Gigabit Ethernet switches connect multiple devices, delivering speeds up to 10x faster than Fast Ethernet
Plug-and-play technology
Single color LEDs monitor link and activity
$37.99 Each
This item ships FREE *
Item # 901-GS605
Model # GS605NA

Improve traffic management with Netgear 8-port fast Ethernet switches

Network switches offer many benefits over Ethernet hubs because they forward network traffic to specific network addresses whereas hubs retransmit all traffic. While unmanaged switches simply redirect traffic, managed switches like Netgear 8-port fast Ethernet switches provide additional network management capabilities. Installation is easy because these kinds of switches have plug-and-play installation capabilities. Use an 8-port fast Ethernet switch to connect to nodes within a specific LAN and a modem or router for interconnecting different networks or to the internet.

Faster network speeds with fully managed Netgear fast Ethernet switches

Smart devices such as select Netgear ProSafe fast Ethernet switches set themselves up automatically and are ideal as desktop switches for small and medium networks. Larger organizations with complex networks need more sophisticated network management capabilities like those provided by fully managed Netgear 24-port fast Ethernet switches. These offer advanced features such as the ability to set up virtual local area networks, or VLANs, to prioritize important traffic, layered authentication, and load balancing.

Power remote devices with power over the Ethernet

Network devices such as cameras, IOT devices, and VOIP phones all need power. While they can get power separately, power over the Ethernet (PoE) capabilities mean they can source power through network cables. To achieve this, users need Ethernet switches that are PoE capable. While power requirements vary, some like the stand-alone smart managed Netgear 16-port fast Ethernet switch can supply up to 30 watts of power per port, which means there’s no need for separate power supplies.

Netgear fast Ethernet switch capacity

Netgear Ethernet switches come in various configurations. These include unmanaged, smart managed, and fully managed switches. They can be specified with or without PoE. Some support 100 Mbps Ethernet speeds while others are capable of 1 Gbps speeds using 1000BASE-T cable and 1000x fiber connections. Available Netgear port configurations include:

  • 5 ports
  • 8 ports
  • 12 ports
  • 16 ports
  • 24 ports
  • 34 ports
  • 48 ports

Find the best Netgear Ethernet switch for your applications at Quill and keep your computer networks running smoothly and efficiently.