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Enjoy a fresh cup of steaming hot coffee to reboot with Newman's Own® K-Cups®. Multiple flavors include Newman's Own Organics French roast and special blends to satisfy even the most acquired tastes. Organic coffee K-Cups are available with 24, 48, or 96-pack packages, ideal for small homes and large establishments.

Options for Newman’s Own K-Cups

Enjoy a break at work or a peaceful Sunday morning with Newman’s Own organic coffee. A range of coffee roast types and flavors offers different options, from sweet to bitter-tasting K-Cups. Most coffee pods are kosher, and there are also caffeinated and decaf tea packs available to suit all preferences. With different options, individuals and companies can get enough to supply homes, offices, or large business complexes. Several Newman’s Own Organics coffee packets are Fair Trade Certified™ so everyone gets a fair price, which ups the coffee quality due to better conditions.

Newman’s Own organic coffee with versatile features

Flavors of organic coffee K-Cups from Newman’s Own include French roast, bold, medium and variety packs with multiple flavor blends. Lovers of this morning beverage can always add coffee creamer and other condiments to add to change up the flavor. Using single-serving packs saves time because of the easy coffee-making process, and it ensures every cup is as fresh as possible. Order up to 96 coffee packets per box so everyone at the office can make a fresh cup before tackling the day’s work. Other features of Newman’s Own coffee K-Cups include

  • Complies with USDA Organic standards
  • Only high-quality coffee beans from reputable farmers
  • All profits go to charity

Exquisite coffee beans for a better taste

Most Newman’s Own K-Cups feature arabica beans, which originate from Yemen and add up to over half the coffee in the world. Coming from arabica trees, they’re easy to maintain, which makes them a popular cultivating product for farming communities. The taste is more acidic and less bitter than robusta beans, making the drink a bit sweeter even without sugar packets and other additives. Traditionally, coffee from arabica beans doesn’t include a creamer to enhance the natural aspects of the stimulating beverage.

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