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Paper Mate® pencils are available in multiple types, and they offer a wide range of colors for creative artists. Choose Paper Mate mechanical pencils for precision or go for wood pencils, which are excellent for shading and drawing oblique shapes. Many models such as Paper Mate Clearpoint® mechanical pencils are refillable, making them ideal for long-term use.

Paper Mate pencils are essential in various workplaces

Complete drawing sketches and writing assignments with Paper Mate pencils. Pencils and pencil lead refills are one of the fundamental tools in offices, educational facilities, and other institutions, so companies should always keep a good stock of these writing implements. Choose from multiple lead sizes for Paper Mate mechanical pencils to accommodate specific writing projects such as blueprints, casual sketches, or standard text. Order Paper Mate woodcase pencils in bulk to accommodate all working processes in advance and improve the workflow.

Paper Mate pencils for creative uses

The bodies of Paper Mate mechanical pencils may last last longer than woodcase models because they’re reusable, but wood pencils are a better choice for shading, which is convenient for sketch artists. Built-in erasers in select models make it easy to fix errors while drawing or writing to speed up the creative process. Sketch artists and similar profession types often require both mechanical and wood options so they can create a variety of styles in one drawing. Paper Mate Comfortmate® pencils feature multiple lead sizes, as well as the extra-comfortable grip, so users can write and draw accurately and extensively. Other features of Paper Mate pencils are:

  • Twist mechanism to extend and retract lead
  • Spring-loaded cushion points
  • A range of color options
  • Comfortable grip

Paper Mate pencil specs for specific drawing styles and writing tasks

Lead sizes of Paper Mate pencils range from 0.7mm to 1.3mm, so it’s simple to find the right model to draw thin, medium, or bold lines for an art class or casual sketching. Use Paper Mate pencils and special pencils from other brands to accommodate schools, marketing offices, and other workplaces with a versatile collection of writing utensils. Paper Mate Clearpoint mechanical pencils and many other mechanical types include a clip which makes it easy to carry them or attach them to folders or notebooks. Browse Quill for Paper Mate products to stir the creative juices and complete office tasks.

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