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Want to know more about Sign-In Sheets
Medical practices use sign-in sheets to welcome patients into their office and to maintain track of appointments and daily scheduling. Medical practices want to be as welcoming as possible. Patients want to have as much privacy as possible, as guaranteed under federal regulation. Patient sign-in sheets come in inviting colors and graphics, with built-in features for ensuring confidentiality.

The main function of HIPAA sign-in sheets

A medical practice generates a lot of documents. Patient sign-in sheets are just one part of a practice’s front-office supplies that are necessary for internal and regulation-specific record-keeping. The main purpose of the sheets is to document that patients have appeared for appointments and have signed their names as proof. However, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) provisions for data privacy and security require that each patient’s identity be concealed from other patients also signing in for their appointments. HIPAA sign-in sheets contain safeguards for protecting privacy, including paper strips for each sign-in line that can be removed before the next patient signs in. Practice personnel then attach those strips to the patient’s appointment chart as one of several patient records labels that they routinely use to identify and categorize the patient’s overall records in the filing system.

Other ways to maintain the privacy of patient sign-in sheets

Some practices opt for dedicated log-holder devices to protect patient privacy. The holders contain sign-in pads with ruled lines for printing patient names, fields for indicating changes in address or insurance coverage, and checkboxes for indicating whether the patient is new to the practice. A separate field is available for the patient’s signature. As each patient provides the information, an accordion-style top rolls down to conceal the information from the next patient who signs in. As with the HIPAA-compliant sign-in sheets, the log-holder sheets tear off from the pad when the sheet is full. Medical personnel then attach the sheets to clasp-style classification folders that become part of the practice’s confidential record-keeping system.

Designer headliners to welcome patients

Sign-in sheet manufacturers like Medical Arts Press® recognize that the sheets must also welcome patients into the practice. The sheets for patient sign-in display large Welcome headliners, as well as cheery, upbeat graphics, such as rainbows, butterflies, or sailboats. Practices may also get custom headliners specific to their office. The sign-in sheets come in a variety of designer shades to accent the office’s interior decor. They’re available for health-care settings other than medical practices, including:

  • Dental
  • Chiropractic
  • Podiatrists
  • Optical
  • Holistic

Cost-saving packages

All sheets for patient sign-in come in multiple quantities per pack. Medical practices can purchase anywhere from 125 to 500 sheets per package, so they’ll always have enough for busy appointment schedules.

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