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Pentel®? Twist-Erase®? mechanical pencils are comfortable to use, thanks to their round barrels and soft grips. The barrels come in various executive and fun colors such as gray, black, blue, or red. Twist-Erase Pentel 0.7 pencils are ideal for creating medium lines and text. Opt for Twist-Erase Pentel 0.5 pencils to create fine lines, or make notes in small handwriting.

Pentel Twist-Erase pencils keep working

Twist-Erase Pentel 0.7mm pencils are the tools that keep performing. Unlike most standard pens, users can replace the necessary parts of this writing tool. Lead refills are available in different thicknesses, and you can also purchase replacement erasers when the included eraser becomes too small. Erasers that come with these pencils are soft to prevent damaging paper. They remove stray marks and errors without leaving smudges. As a result, users can make corrections many times. Refillable lead and replacement erasers means getting the most out of your Pentel Twist-Erase purchase. 

Twist-Erase Pentel 0.7mm pencils for art and writing

Mechanical pencils with medium size 0.7mm lead are ideal for shading, daily writing, and sketching. They create legible text, and allow users to use small handwriting. Some pencils come with No. 2 lead that creates dark, solid text. Pentel pencils are available with other size leads for use across a broad spectrum of writing, sketching, and art. They include:

  • 0.5mm - fine point for clear, thin lines and precise marks
  • 0.9mm - bold point for thick, distinctive lines and solid marks
  • 0.7mm Hi-Polymer® No. 2 - medium point for dark lines and shading
  • 0.9mm Hi-Polymer No. 2 - bold point for dark lines and drawing
  • 0.5mm Hi-Polymer No. 2 - fine point for thin, dark lines

These mechanical pencils are refillable with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer HB lead that resists breaking. 

Ergonomic Pentel pencils

Pentel pencils have textured grips to ensure precision, whether drawing, shading, or writing. The round barrels balance comfortably on the writing hand, so you can use the pencils for extensive writing periods without fatigue. The pocket clips make it easy to carry or transport them and prevent them from rolling off work surfaces such as desks and tables. Barrel choices include clear and assorted colors. Find other unique drawing and writing instruments like Pentel Wow Pens at Quill.


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