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Few things will keep you as proactive as your new year planner. Actually, it just might become your new best friend—and, at the very least, will help you keep track of important dates. At home, at your place of work, or anywhere else, it means no more missing important personal dates and an easier means to track business obligations, important milestones, and objectives. Read More

Ideal for managing schedules and large teams


Why would you not want to plan ahead?

The concept of year planner is such a good one that, once you start using one, you may wonder how you got by before you did—and a perpetual year planner has even greater applications being, among other things, completely reusable from one year to the next. It's essentially a wall-mounted whiteboard that lets you write in whatever events and milestones are of interest or importance to you in order for you to plan for the upcoming year.

The whiteboard is preformatted in that you have the days of the week—enough to go through a whole month—listed in a row on the top, and the twelve months listed in a column on the left. The end result is that, regardless of what day the year starts on, you can list events and milestones for the upcoming year from start to finish. Simple but very astute!

Keeping track of things

Okay, so its immediate use is apparent: people use year planners as a way to remind them of important upcoming deadlines, events, and occasions. Need to remember an anniversary, semester dates, or a business conference? Add them to the planner, and make smart use of color-coding to quickly and easily distinguish between event types.

Basically, it's beneficial to be able to see how the near future is going to play out. That's especially true for anybody managing time for other people—whether they're team members, clients, or even their own children (after all, that dentist appointment is no less important than that client presentation!).

In business, everybody knows it's good practice to not only create a long-term road map, but also plan for the shorter term. A year planner lets you chart what's important to your business in terms of objectives, major milestones and when they should be reached, regular evaluation exercises, and more. You get to see your organization's needs and goals from above. It's a practical way to avoid getting tunnel vision on the next major deliverable—which can often hamper preparations for subsequent activities.

Spray. Wipe. Start over.

The great thing about the perpetual year planner is that you can just wipe it up and start over the following year, or you can even erase, say, the past month and replace it with objectives and milestones for that same month next year. In other words, you can track your business goals 12 months ahead at any given time—and have that information easily accessible to all, keeping it permanently front-of-mind.

MasterVision's generously proportioned 36" x 48" perpetual year planner is the perfect example of what you'd need to forecast company schedules and large teams. It's built for the long run, coming complete with silver aluminum frame, mounting hardware, and a high-quality magnetic surface—resistant to scratches and ghosting—for maximum durability.  

Solutions for short-term planners

Our collection of planners also contains a number of other interesting options, including four-month planners for those who need to keep closer track of things—as well as an array of beautiful decorative options for those who want to complement their workplace setup as they plan for the future.

Of course, it's not always possible to fit every last detail on a year planner. That's why smart to augment your collection of planning and communication tools with cork boards, easels, project display boards—all of which can be used to bring important operational information off the hard-drive and into the real world. Communication, after all, is key in any organization—and any family, for that matter.