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Install phone cord detanglers to improve phone accessibility in busy offices. Rotating phone cord detanglers help prevent the knots that result from frequent phone use. Phone handset cord detanglers keep connectors safe and extend cord life, making them useful for businesses trying to manage multiple appliances.

Phone cord detanglers are easy to use

Installed between the handset and the base, rotating phone cord detanglers move with cords rather than twist against them. This ensures that the cord maintains its distance between the handset and the base, making it easier to answer the phone. Along with other office phone accessories, phone handset cord detanglers improve call response speed and keep the appliance in pristine condition. Multi-pack detanglers are available to upgrade several phones at once. Use detanglers with coil cords to replace knotted ones.

Benefits of phone cord swivel detanglers

Twisstop™ phone cord detanglers protect the connectors between handsets and their bases. These items are useful for offices with heavy phone use, since they reduce wear on the connectors and other components. With the use of phone cord detanglers, cords won’t knot up. This keeps units safe and extends their life. Cord detanglers offer several features such as:

  • Rotating connectors spin 360 degrees
  • Easy installation for handsets and bases
  • Metal connectors with gold plating offer increased conductivity and durability 
  • New cords upgrade or replace worn out ones
  • Models fit into deep recess jacks

Phone handset cord detanglers are effective in offices where multiple people use the same devices throughout the day. They help keep appliances in top shape and ensure that they’re properly handled.

Rotating phone cord detanglers increase the life of devices

Choose from a variety of GE cord management supplies to prolong the life of key office tools. Complement these items with detanglers and protect both the cords and the appliances they’re connected to for longer. Manage cables at the office or home with models that are quick to install and convenient to operate. Keep phone operations running smoothly with detanglers, as well as a variety of telephone cables and accessories, including connectors and replacement cords.

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