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Safety Lancets Make Blood Draws Fast and Stress-Free

The blood draw is a common procedure in health care facilities, and the right safety lancets make that procedure easier for the employees performing it and the patients who need their blood drawn. Designed with ease of use and patient comfort in mind, safety lancets are ultra-sharp and have a set penetration depth, requiring little training to use. Each safety lancet is sealed before use, ensuring that it's completely sterile and preventing the spread of any infections. Safety lancet boxes are small enough to store almost anywhere, and all employees have to do with used safety lancets is follow your office or clinic's disposal procedures.

Penetrate Skin Quickly to Minimize Risk of Error

Choosing safety lancets that go in quickly and simply makes drawing blood much easier for your employees. Ultra-sharp needles don't require much force to penetrate the skin, and safety lancets with a double spring mechanism prevent any needle vibrations. Pushbutton safety lancets require little instruction for use, as the needle locks out at the correct depth and retracts automatically after drawing blood, so all an employee has to do is line the lancet up and push the button. With the correct safety lancets, your employees don't need as much training to draw blood, and they complete each blood draw more efficiently.

Sharp, Coated Needles Reduce Pain for Patients

Ultra-sharp needles with a silicone coating pierce the skin smoothly and quickly, and safety lancets with controlled needle depths keep patients both comfortable and safe. Getting blood drawn may not be something people enjoy very much, but making the experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible improves patient satisfaction.

Latex-Free and Hypoallergenic

Safety lancets don't use any latex, and they're hypoallergenic to prevent allergic reactions and irritation in patients. Not only do you cut costs since you don't have to buy multiple types of safety lancets to accommodate different allergies, you make it easier for your employees, as they don't have to find a specific type of safety lancet for each patient.

Multiple Penetration Depths to Draw Correct Amount of Blood

Choose from safety lancets with a penetration depth of 0.6 millimeters up to 2.8 millimeters, depending on where the blood is being drawn and how much blood needs to be drawn. Surgilance safety lancets offer options for low, medium and high blood flow samples, with color codes on each safety lancet to mark its penetration depth.

A Sterile, Easy to Store Solution

With boxes that hold hundreds of safety lancets, you shouldn't have a hard time finding enough space in your supply closet to store them. Since safety lancets are sealed and not reusable, patients and employees can be confident that every safety lancet is sterile and not carrying any germs or infectious diseases.