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Sheaffer Ballpoint Pen Refills  (5 Products)
With Sheaffer pen refills, make sure your favorite pen keeps going through every meeting and brainstorming session. There are ink options for all types of pens, including Sheaffer ballpoint pen refills and rollerball models. Sheaffer rollerball refills come in a wide range of colors for every bright idea you have. Read More
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Monteverde® Medium Ballpoint Refill For Sheaffer Ballpoint Pens, 6/Pack, Blue/Black
$20.29 Pack
Item # 901-78219YFW
Item # 901-78248YFW
Item # 901-78249YFW
Monteverde® Medium Ballpoint Refill For Sheaffer Ballpoint Pens, 6/Pack, Blue
$19.99 Pack
Currently out of stock.
Item # 901-78222YFW
Monteverde® Medium Ballpoint Refill For Sheaffer Ballpoint Pens, 6/Pack, Black
$19.99 Pack
Currently out of stock.
Item # 901-78220YFW
Want to know more about Sheaffer Ballpoint Pen Refills

Types of Sheaffer pen refills

The refill that fits your pen depends on the writing mechanism it uses. Sheaffer ballpoint pen refills feature liquid ink that rolls out in a steady stream from a tiny ball on the tip of the pen. Refills for gel pens feature thicker ink that yields a smoother, bolder line. 

Another factor to consider is the size of the pen tip. Some Sheaffer rollerball refills have a fine tip, while others have a medium 0.7-millimeter point. It's important to use the size that matches your Sheaffer pen exactly. A refill that's too large for the pen may not fit, while a refill that's too small can move around and cause an unsteady writing experience.

Sheaffer rollerball refill colors

Blue and black are the most widely available colors for pen refills, but sometimes a project calls for a pop of color. Whether you're shopping for ballpoint or Sheaffer fountain pen refills, there are several color options to explore.

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Turquoise
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Orange

Keeping a variety of ink refills on hand makes it easy to stay prepared for any project, outline, or sketch that you have to tackle.

Bulk Sheaffer ballpoint pen refills

In a busy office, purchasing office supplies in bulk can save time and ensure you always have the right tools on hand. Purchasing bulk ballpoint pens and refills for employees' favorite pens can help everyone in the office work more efficiently. Storing refills in a cool, dark area maintains the ink's consistency for whenever you're ready to swap in a new color. Many refills for retractable rollerball pens and other Sheaffer writing tools come in packs of six. If you need multiple colors, look for combination packs. Some ink packs include blue and black options to accommodate common writing tasks.