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Smoke Alarms and Test Kits Maintain Fire Safety

Make sure you have functional smoke alarms in every room of your school, office, hotel or retail shop to ensure fire safety for your employees and customers. Talking alarms provide extra safety in hotel rooms, and alarms with exit lights are ideal in halls and stairways. Test your alarm systems using smoke and heat detector test kits.

Smoke Alarms Add to Your Fire Safety Precautions

Smoke alarms are a vital piece of safety equipment. Battery-powered alarms are easy to install and maintain, with no need to call in an electrician. Simply set yourself an automatic reminder to replace batteries whenever you change the clocks in your establishment. Locking pins protect against tampering and theft, and chirping sounds alert you to low batteries. Add a layer of protection for the guests in your hotel or bed and breakfast when you install a talking alarm that monitors both smoke and carbon monoxide levels. Guests who might shrug off the sound of a fire alarm assuming some thoughtless guest had pulled a fire alarm lever as a prank, are not so likely to roll over and go back to sleep if they hear the words ""Fire! Fire!"" or ""Warning! Carbon Monoxide!"" repeating in their room or hallway. Dual smoke/carbon monoxide alarms let you install one alarm in place of two separate units, and the test/reset button gives you assurance that the alarm is working as it should. Opt for a smoke alarm with an exit light to guide guests in hallways and stairways to safety.

Smoke and Heat Detector Testers Provide Secondary Defense

Give yourself, your employees and your guests peace of mind knowing that your smoke detectors are fully functional by testing them regularly using aerosolized smoke detector testers. These simple tests simulate actual fire conditions to help you confirm that each smoke detector's alarm and circuitry are working as they should. Smoke detector testers are eco-friendly and pose no harm to the ozone layer or to your guests' immediate environment. They do not stain walls, and because they have an effective range of 6 feet, your housekeeping or maintenance staff don't have to climb on chairs or ladders to check most smoke detectors. In your warehouse or factory, heat detectors can be a vital component to protecting your goods and equipment, triggering sprinkler systems if heat reaches damaging levels without smoke being present. To help maintain the functionality of your heat detector systems, choose test kits that come with a telescoping pole so you can avoid having to climb on awkward ladders to run tests. These handy kits put an end to plugging in blow dryers and balancing on ladders to check your system.