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Keep all types of working surfaces spotlessly clean with extra-soft and highly absorbent SofPull® paper towels. With SofPull center-pull paper towels, users can simply reach for the extended towel end to take a single paper sheet. SofPull towels feature special tiny pockets, which absorb spills and clean stains with a few quick swipes.

SofPull paper towels make it easy to keep various surfaces clean

Prepare in advance for any mess at home or at work with SofPull paper towels from Quill. Small and large corporations in several industries use paper towels and dispensers in restrooms, kitchens, and other areas. That way, employees and guests can dry their hands, or take care of unexpected spills. SofPull towels in this collection feature wide sheets, which soak up liquids quickly due to microscopic ridges in the paper material. Choose from multiple paper towel pack sizes when supplying offices or a home to avoid ordering them too often.

General details of SofPull towels

Businesses and individuals can go with single- or two-ply paper towels, depending on how frequently they use them, and what the purpose is. Two main types of paper towels are SofPull center-pull paper towels and standard hardwound towels. Depending on the workplace, employees and supply managers can choose the most convenient type to save time for work, and increase the comfort level. By using commercial paper towel dispensers, companies can elevate the customer experience by placing them next to a sink, or another convenient spot. Other features of SofPull towels are:

  • Light white color for a sanitary look
  • Thick paper sheets
  • Durable material for efficient use
  • Perforations for easy handling

Equip restrooms, waiting areas, and break rooms with gentle-to-the-touch SofPull paper towels.

Cleaning supplies are vital in every workplace

Since things often get messy at work and at home, it’s always nice to have paper towels at your disposal, especially in the bathroom and the kitchen. Consumers can use Georgia-Pacific® multi-fold towels, which are available in multiple paper towel package options. SofPull towel products are compatible with many dispensers, making it easy to reload a new roll when necessary. Since these paper towels feature high-quality material, they help to reduce waste over a long period of use.

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