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Surveillance cameras provide a reliable security option for any property. Many offer the option to run only when motion is detected, conserving power usage. Wireless surveillance cameras require no cabling, providing easy installation. With security cameras and video surveillance, property owners can watch all areas of their property from one place.

Surveillance cameras work in residential and commercial settings

Both business owners and homeowners enjoy the security offered by wired or wireless surveillance cameras. Cameras fit in a range of locations, watching entrances and exits, and important areas within buildings such as offices and storerooms. Some models also work as doorbell cameras, allowing users to see who is coming to the door. Use both surveillance and lighting to deter burglars, creating a safe zone across driveways, lawns, and windowed areas. Be alerted by smart phone when a disturbance is detected. Enjoy a good night's sleep knowing security is in place.

Choose from multiple storage and viewing options

Since footage may not always be watchable in real time, many security systems include a DVR for storing recordings. Other viewing choices are available.

  • Connections to HDMI monitors for continuous viewing
  • Live viewing from mobile devices such as smartphones
  • Transfer of footage to other drives via USB or network connection

Many of these systems have specific apps that work with a smartphone to send email alerts when the wireless security cameras detect motion, alerting users to activity even when away from home. This is just one of many ways consumer electronics work together to keep property and people safe.

Use IR capability for nighttime recording

Many home security cameras feature infrared capability, allowing them to record footage in the dark. Make a note of the IR distance to see how far away the device will detect motion. Select outdoor cameras with weatherproof housing to protect them from the rain, wind, and snow.

Other security system accessories

Besides cameras and DVRs, there are also many other security system accessories to make operation easier and more effective. Motion sensor lights turn on when movement occurs nearby, alerting those present, and also illuminating the area where security cameras and video surveillance are recording. Window alarms give off a noise when someone opens the window, and weather shield kits provide additional protection for outdoor cameras. Indoor systems can include audio detection with 2-way speakers that also allow for an internal alarm to sound. Customize any security system to offer round-the-clock protection.

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