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Sweepers  (2 Products)
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Sweepers are effective in cleaning a variety of soft and hard surfaces, whether indoors or outdoors. Carpet sweepers feature soft rubber wheels that glide smoothly as brushes remove dirt, and they're available with swivel capability to reach beneath furniture. Soft bumpers and adjustable speeds on floor sweepers protect walls and enable cleaning of various surfaces. Read More
Rubbermaid Executive Series Single-Action Sweeper, Black (FG421288BLA)

Rubbermaid Executive Series Single-Action Sweeper, Black (FG421288BLA)

Sweeper for easy and effective cleaning
Made of steel for durability
Comes in black
$69.99 Each
This item ships FREE *
Item # 901-958091
Model # FG421288BLA
Shark Cordless Sweeper, 13

Shark Cordless Sweeper, 13"

2 speeds provide for superior cleaning on bare floor & carpet
Quiet performance
Edge cleaning squeegee grabs debris from along walls
$92.99 Each
This item ships FREE *
Item # 901-056448
Model # V2950
Want to know more about Sweepers

Sweepers for various types of floors

Carpet sweepers with a low-profile design are convenient for reaching under the furniture, and they feature soft bristles. Some have electrostatic capabilities to attract particles such as pet hair, dust, and other allergens from carpets. Because of the smaller spaces between furniture indoors, some models can cover and maneuver into areas as small as 7 inches wide and are available in cordless options that operate using rechargeable batteries.

To use the same unit for different types of floors, such as hardwood, vinyl, or carpets, consider those that support two speeds. This enables effective cleaning depending on the type of surface and dirt. Faster speeds are effective for removing larger particles from floors, while slower speeds are effective for dust and other light, minute particles. After that, using wet mops on hard surfaces can finish the cleaning process.

Ergonomic carpet sweepers

While select brooms have angled handles, sweepers with adjustable handles also enable users to work in comfortable positions while reaching every part of floors. The swivel steering capability of some versions makes them easier to maneuver around objects and furniture. They’re lightweight and easy to push, and others feature motorized wheels that make work quicker. Some trusted brands of domestic and commercial models include:

  • Shark®
  • Rubbermaid®
  • Bissell®
  • Scotch-Brite™
  • Ewbank®
  • Kranzle®
  • BSW

Floor sweepers for large spaces and businesses

Cleaners for outdoors and indoors provide wide coverage to sweep large areas such as warehouses, shops, and driveways. These usually carry high-capacity bins, and some have dust filters to help keep the air clear during use. The tough durable bristles in hard floor sweepers effectively dislodge food particles, leaves, and lint. Some have built-in brushes or squeegees that remove dirt from walls and curbs, and others feature soft plastic or rubber bumpers to protect walls from damage. Find other cleaning tools for commercial and home use at Quill.