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Rewards & Incentives

Teacher Assistants Keep You Organized and Focused

Teacher assistants can help you organize your classroom, keep your grades up to date and find ways to incentivize and inspire your students.

Use teacher assistants to encourage students to strive for the next level and to celebrate their accomplishments. Grading and lesson plan books help all the teachers in your school keep the records the district requires, while classroom management tools of all sorts help them stay up to date with the fast-moving school year.

Classroom Management Tools

Fill up your classroom with tools and gadgets that help you keep your students learning. Time trackers and stopwatches let you run timed drills and contests, and removable desk screens help separate students when you need to administer standardized tests. Choose from a wide variety of name plates and name tags to help students get to know each other at the beginning of the school year, or hand them out at back-to-school night to make a good connection with parents.

Record and Grading Books

Keep assignments and grades in good order using well-designed tools that make record keeping easy. Record books are broken into standard grading periods, and lesson plan books let you keep track of what works from year to year. Parents love receiving brightly colored grade reports that show how much their kids are learning, and seating charts help you keep your classroom in order at the beginning of the school year.

Teacher helpers can assist with management, organization, and motivation in your classroom. From grade books and nameplates to reward certificates and stickers, these classroom management tools will inspire students, keep supplies together, and help you perform everyday tasks in less time. We offer everything you need to organize your classroom in a stylish, interactive way.

Avoid the harsh look of a clinical classroom when you add color to the environment using our proven classroom organization tools.

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