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Produced by one of the leaders in workplace hygiene products, Tork® toilet paper has options for every restroom, in every industry. Tork Universal toilet paper is a economical, one-ply option for high-usage restrooms. For lower volume restroom use, or where higher quality toilet tissue is appropriate, Tork Advanced toilet paper is available for a variety of dispensers.

When quality matters, choose Tork toilet paper

For high-volume restrooms and good value, Tork Universal toilet paper is a popular choice. When quality and feel are most important, Tork Advanced toilet paper offers options for two-ply tissue, quilted, or embossed rolls to fit a variety of dispensers. Individually wrapped, core-free, or bulk packages are available, as are eco-friendly and septic-safe products for workplace restrooms of all sizes. Many commercial dispensers fit cardboard-free or coreless rolls for waste reduction.

Choose from a variety of types of Tork toilet paper

No office, facility, or building can do without toilet paper. Depending on the type of dispenser installed, Tork Universal toilet paper is a budget-conscious option. One-ply rolls are suitable for high-traffic restrooms, while budget-friendly two-ply jumbo rolls have up to 1,000 perforated sheets each, allowing for less frequent stocking of restrooms. Tork Universal is also available in standard size rolls with various case sizes.

For a softer feel and heavier weight, try Tork Advanced toilet paper. It’s embossed for a quilted appearance and upscale feel, while still being cost-effective and functional. Both the standard and jumbo rolls for commercial dispensers come in high-quality, two-ply sheets. Jumbo rolls have 500 perforated sheets per roll and are available in multiple roll cartons, and standard size rolls are available in cases containing up to 96 rolls.

For environmentally conscious consumers, some Tork toilet tissue is available in 100 percent recycled fiber, EcoLogo™ certified, and EPA compliant rolls. Quickly degrading, this eco-friendly toilet tissue is appropriate for all types of plumbing and septic systems and ideal for high-capacity restrooms.

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