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Traffic cones are one of many high-contrast color visuals to help protect workers on job sites. They’re particularly useful for cordoning off sites from motorists, especially when connected together with reflective extender bars. The cones are among a variety of equipment for traffic safety, whether for directing vehicles or serving as temporary barriers for police, fire, or medical emergencies.

High-visibility traffic cones

Traffic cones are part of an entire system of safety supplies that give workers on-site protection, not only with gear but also with warning devices, including visibility apparel. The cones accompany traffic signs, flags, and barriers that warn motorists and pedestrians where crew members are working. Like safety vests, they come in one of two colors, orange or yellow-green, which traffic experts say provide the clearest visuals against any light or dark background.

Different types and styles of safety cones

Standard cones for traffic and pedestrian control are tapered cylinders that bow out to a base with a rectangular platform skirt for stability. They are weather and UV resistant to maintain their integrity and color outdoors, and some feature a temperature rating of between -40 to 130 degrees F. Most consist of durable ABS, an injection-molded thermoplastic extremely resistant to corrosive materials and physical impacts. The cones hold up to accidental job site spills and to run-ins with vehicle wheels.

Distinctive features of traffic cones

In addition to their safety color, many also have silver reflective striping that runs horizontally around the devices or vertically down the cones, which adds to their visibility, particularly at night for bouncing headlight beams back to motorists. Some safety cones come with square-foot legend panels on top, containing arrows to indicate directions or warning words like "Slow" or "Men Working." Some options are collapsible, so they fit inside the trunks of police cars or emergency vehicles without taking up much room that might squeeze out other critical equipment.

Other high-visibility work site varieties contain battery-powered internal lights so they clearly illuminate at dawn, dusk, and night, many of which offer 36 hours of steady light. You can equip some models with 4 to 6-foot expandable reflective bars, providing an actual barrier that adds to the protective visual warning of the safety products.

High-visibility work site cones from well-known traffic safety suppliers

Two major manufacturers, Accuform® and National Marker Company, or NMC™, specialize in cones for traffic safety. Other companies are respected names in a variety of safety supplies:

  • 3M™
  • Cortina
  • Eagle
  • Mutual Industries, Inc.
  • Presco

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