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Set a business apart with a U-shaped desk. Providing more working space than standard rectangular or corner desks, U-shaped office desks gives users greater working flexibility. Get even more out of these models by opting for U-shaped desks with hutches for extra storage space to hold all the office essentials within arm’s reach.

A U-shaped desk provides greater privacy

U-shaped office desks are a good way to give employees their own distinct working spaces. Because of the layout of these units, it's possible to keep everything needed by users within close range. The distinct design of these models allows users to determine on which side they want their computers, desk organizers, and office essentials.

A U-shaped reception desk is a good way to create a division in a lobby or waiting room without the need to invest in partition walls. Face it toward the entryway as the point of registration and client processing. Many commercial office desks have wrap-around laminate boards so sensitive documents and files are out of sight of visitors.

A U-shaped office desk is perfect for multitasking

Because of its layout, consisting of a desk, bridge, and credenza, a U-shaped office desk is well suited for multiple tasks. Switch effortlessly from using the computer or laptop on one side, to viewing documents, large posters, or photo negatives on the other, and move over to the the third side to locate files or reference books. Opt for a U-shaped desk with hutch to add additional storage space. Consider investing in sit and stand desks for employees, students, or for the home office. These are a simple add-ons that rest on top of U-shaped desks and allow users to decide if they want to sit or stand.

Get the most out of a new desk

Fitting an office space with the right furniture means giving clients and visitors an immediate impression of the business while providing employees with the right equipment to promote a productive work environment. Keep the following points in mind when considering new desk spaces:

  • A U-shaped reception desk can hold important client documents in the integrated pedestals or filing cabinets
  • A U-shaped computer desk can fit two monitors to create a more dynamic working environment
  • A U-shaped executive desk can sit in the middle of a CEO's office and create a powerful impression to clients as well as giving the user a large space to work

To create a flexible and productive work environment, consider what type of desk suits the business's needs and how the right piece of equipment may deliver good results. For example, standing desks might encourage a more active and social work space, and U-shaped standing desks provide additional desk space and storage.

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