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Complete all writing projects for school or work with uni-ball® Jetstream® pens from Quill. Multicolor Jetstream pens feature vibrant color combinations and ample ink supply to accommodate frequent writers. Choose from ballpoint and rollerball Uni Jetstream pens, which are available in two pen-point sizes and a number of multipack options.

Professional uni-ball Jetstream pens for office and home use

Equip writing areas with multicolor uni-ball Jetstream pens, which are ideal for jotting down notes, signing documents, or drawing sketches. Up to 12 pens are available in a pack depending on the specific order, so individuals can furnish their workspaces with ample writing supplies. Versatile uni-ball Jetstream pens include ballpoint and rollerball designs so you can complete all upcoming projects. Choose from two Jetstream pen-point options, including 0.7-millimeter and 1-millimeter tips for bold or medium text and lines.

Multiple characteristics of Jetstream pens

The hybrid Jetstream ink in these rollerball pens has a quick-drying feature that ensures clean paperwork without ink spots. Ink in select pens dries nine times faster than standard ballpoint ink, so both left- and right-handed individuals can use them without getting their hands messy. The retractable design eliminates the need for caps, so you can start writing in a split second. Features of uni -ball Jetstream pens include:

  • A solvent in the ink for fast, skip-free writing tasks
  • A comfortable rubber grip for precise pen control 
  • The retractable click design for single-hand use

Take advantage of long-lasting uni-ball pens, which feature aesthetic steel accents for appearance and durable pen tips for long-term use.

Different types of uni-ball pens

Black, blue, and red ink options are available for versatility, so employees and students can compartmentalize writing tasks. The acid-free ink in uni-ball Vision Elite® pens is ideal for filling out or composing valuable documentation for storage in corporate archives. The difference between rollerball and ballpoint pens is that rollerball pens use water-based ink and ballpoint pens use an oil-based formula. Both pen designs use a rotating steel ball to disperse ink smoothly for legible and smudge-free paperwork. Rollerball pens are more suitable for graphic designers and art students because the low-viscosity ink ensures vivid colors that stand out on paper.

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