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These 3 x 5 Post-it® Notes come in flat options and pop-up designs. Their bright and noticeable features make them easy to spot. To write reminders, messages, or contacts neatly, consider 3 x 5 lined Post-it Notes. There are several colors and packaging options to choose from, including themed assorted packs and 3 x 5 yellow Post-it Notes.

Use 3 x 5 Post-it Notes for the office

The 3 x 5 lined Post-it Notes feature adhesive that sticks to notice boards, computers, and other surfaces. Whether displaying announcements or instructions, their lines enable users to write information neatly. Unlined options are versatile, allowing users to write in large or small font or draw miniature sketches and doodles.

Post-it Notes come with various types of adhesive. These include a special adhesive that attaches to planners and paper for indexing purposes. Users who need to move or reorganize their information from time to time can opt for Super Sticky Notes. These let people remove Post-it Notes and re-stick them again on a variety of surfaces, and they keep their robust adhesion.

Choosing 3 x 5 lined Post-it Notes in different colors

There are different colors to consider, including 3 x 5 yellow Post-it Notes. Other options come in assorted packs with colors such as:

  • Light blue
  • Light green
  • Orange
  • Pink

Bulk packs in single or multiple colors include options that have more than 10 pads with each holding over 50 sheets. Select Post-it Notes feature recycled paper, while others have components sourced from renewable forests.

Other useful features of 3 x 5 Post-it Notes

Pop-up sticky notes come in accordion-style format for use with dispensers. Members of staff can retrieve sticky notes one by one from a central location in the office for sharing. Flat pads are a convenient option for use on the go.

The 3 x 5-inch size of Post-it Notes makes them large enough to write information about files when organizing information. You can also jot down short lists or use them as flashcards, among other applications. The adhesive on certain types of notes can attach to smooth wooden, concrete, tile, laminate, and other vertical surfaces for easy placement and readability. Find other types of sticky notes, such as Post-it Flags, at Quill to help organize information or write short messages.

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