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Want to know more about Hooks & Hanging Strips
3M™ Command™ strips make it easy to hang a large variety of objects throughout the home or office. Some types, such as 3M hooks, are universal and designed to hold many items. Other styles, like 3M wall hook broom holders hang specific objects. The strips have easy peel-and-stick placement and removal is just as simple.

General use 3M Command strips

Command strips and 3M hooks have multiple uses for a variety of objects. People can use the strips to hang pictures with thick or thin frames like poster frames. They are also convenient for keeping frames sturdy on walls so they don't sway. Thinner Command poster strips hold up paper posters or poster board signs without tape. Individuals can use 3M wall hooks to hang photos that they don't want attached to the walls, making it simple to take them down immediately and move them, if necessary. Hooks also hold jackets, tools, cords, and backpacks, helping keep items organized and off the floor or free from other spaces.

Specific uses for 3M hooks and strips

Some 3M wall hooks hold specific objects that help users store the items above the ground or floor. Different types include:

  • Broom holders that hug broom handles
  • Decorating clips that hold lights in place
  • Wire hooks that grasp objects with hanging holes like dustpans, mops, or frying pans
  • Ceiling hooks that hang decorative globes or other hanging objects directly from ceilings

3M Command strips weight limit

These strips and hooks do have a limit on how much weight they can hold. Make sure to weigh the object before purchasing hooks or strips and then check the weight limit for hooks you intend to use. For example, document frames are lightweight and only need small picture-hanging strips that hold up to 1 pound. A frying pan, on the other hand, would need a large utility hook that holds up to 5 pounds. Weight limits go up to 7.5 pounds with these strips and hooks.

Why 3M strips work so well

Command strips and hooks use a pressure-sensitive adhesive that bonds the sticker with the surface by pushing and holding in place for a few moments. The adhesive has high tensile strength and low shear strength, which means it holds on walls tightly, but then removes just as easily.

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