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AAA batteries are small and light, so they're ideal power sources for hand-held electronic devices, such as remotes or digital cameras. Today's products feature durable cases that resist leaks and use non-toxic materials that are safe for the environment. Many batteries have a shelf life of up to 20 years, ensuring reliable and convenient power is always available.

Keep electrical devices powered up

Households and businesses use a broad range of electronic tools and accessories. Batteries are convenient, portable power sources that keep toys, computer keyboards and mice, kitchen accessories, and game controllers running. While these products come in many sizes, AAA cells are slim and compact, so they're a solid option for hand-held electronics or power applications where space is a constraint. They also have a long shelf life and provide consistent power across a broad range of environmental conditions. When stored in a cool, dry location, many AAA batteries remain ready to use for up to 20 years. They also have durable, leak-resistant shells that help protect devices from damage.

AAA batteries are flexible power solutions

Home and business electronic devices require different power needs. Batteries offer a variety of power profiles that keep everything from TV remotes to wireless mice charged up and ready to use. Some options are:

  • Lithium cells have exceptional shelf lives, so they're good options for flashlights or emergency radios
  • Alkaline products store more power, making them ideal for energy-hungry devices like RC toys or computer accessories
  • Rechargeable units keep frequently used accessories powered up and help reduce waste

Quill makes it simple to find batteries for any application and also carries accessories such as battery chargers. A broad range of package sizes, from four to 144 cells, let users chose a battery solution that meets any home or business need.

Batteries are a safe and eco-friendly power solution

A modern battery uses environmentally friendly materials and contains no mercury. Users can dispose of non-rechargeable cells with household waste, but rechargeable units require a little extra care. Turn these items in at a recycling center, which will recover some materials used in battery production. Select manufacturers also offer mail-in recycling services. Many battery producers are also reducing waste by using non-toxic ink and packaging made of recyclable cardboard and plastic.

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