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Westcott® Scissors with Microban® Protection  (2 Products)
Whether intended for office, school, or home use, Westcott® scissors are essential cutting tools to own. From all-purpose scissors to safety blunt scissors, these tools are perfect for everyday use. Pointed scissors are ideal for making clean cuts, while craft scissors come in different holder shapes for a comfortable grip. Read More
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Westcott® 5 Pointed Antimicrobial Scissors

Westcott® 5" Pointed Scissors with Antimicrobial Protection

Easily cuts fabric, string, paper and other craft materials
For right or left-hand use
Assorted colors include green, blue, pink and orange. Specific colors cannot be requested.
$3.99 Each
When you buy 3+
Item # 901-14607Q
Westcott® Blunt 5 Antimicrobial Scissors

Westcott® 5" Blunt Scissors with Antimicrobial Protection

Stainless steel blades
Right or left-handed
Assorted colors include green, blue, pink and yellow. Specific colors cannot be requested.
$2.79 Each
When you buy 3+
Item # 901-14606Q
Want to know more about Westcott® Scissors with Microban® Protection

Westcott scissors for all applications

Westcott scissors come in a wide range of styles, designs, and sizes for varied uses. Straight-handled scissors offer a comfortable grip for both left- and right-handed users to make clean cuts. Scissors with cushions on the inner handles provide a much-needed comfort for extended use and heavy-duty cutting. Precision scissors that come in either titanium- or stainless steel-bonded models allow users to make smooth cuts on fabrics, photographs, and other hard materials. For durable and sharper cutting edges, stainless steel scissors offer exceptional performance. They’re strong and can cut through tape and glue residues. For students and children at home, blunt scissors are safe to use, while offering efficient cuts.

Choose from a wide variety of scissor options

Scissors are some of the most essential office basics for cutting purposes. Several factors determine the right type to use.

  • Size: Scissors come in a wide range of sizes to handle tiny or large cuts.
  • Handle orientation: Some top handle choices include straight, lefty, and bent.
  • Durability: Scissors come with different levels of durability, which include heavy duty, medium duty, and light duty.
  • Tip type: Choose blunt or pointed scissors depending on the user. Safe scissors have blunt tips and ideal for children.
  • Construction material: Consider rust-resistant steel scissors for enhanced strength and efficiency.
  • Material to cut: Paper, cloth, plastic, and other materials can determine the blades needed for cutting.

Like most office supplies, the right choice of scissors depends on several elements. The factors highlighted above will help you narrow down to the best one for the intended use.

Scissors with Microban® antimicrobial protection technology

Scissor models that feature the Microban antimicrobial properties are safer to use. The antimicrobial protection prevents the growth of bacteria that cause odor and stains. This feature is ideal for cutting clothing material or fabrics for sewing.